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It illustrates the historical trajectory of the country from a rich, multicultural historical blend to European-imposed artificiality, and from post-independence political and geo-strategic struggles to a one-party, military dictatorship that created civil war.
With great precision, Bootle-born director Carl Hunter, uses uniquely beautiful and highly-stylised set designs and a deliberate sense of artificiality to bring an air of timelessness to this warmhearted and funny fable.
A shy and simple young woman, who has seen her dreams come true now that she owns a neat house with perfect fences, lusts after the hippy writer next door who despises the "artificiality" of suburbs.
Foy, meanwhile, is charismatic as the young heroine, able to make dramatic scenes with older cast members feel genuine-even when some parts are engulfed in overwhelming artificiality.
'I have depicted in my latest work the hypocrisy and artificiality and the breaking norms in society,' Mr Rafi said.
There is an intentional artificiality to this setting.
RaFTS eliminates the cost, security, safety, and artificiality of using radioactive sources and enables training against scenarios that cannot be reproduced experimentally, such as a post-detonation contamination scene or actual hazard-level radiation source.
Stating that "artificiality is unavoidable, and divisions are inevitable -- and helpful," this book constructs, organizes, and showcases Catholic history and identity from the inside out.
But one thing I have realised is that if you put artificiality in a film and try to make it spicy for that moment, those things start looking very redundant very soon.
I believe that the artificiality of this mountain reflects very much what we think about when we think about Miami's artificiality, as well as the artificiality of Las Vegas.
An intense affair between a married astrophysicist and a grad student is thrown off course after the professor's sudden disappearance in Giuseppe Tornatore's stilted English-lingo mystery "Correspondence." Even if Tornatore were deliberately aiming for the artificiality that clings to nearly every frame, the pic would still feel needlessly airless, hampered by an Italian-to-English script translation that may be precise but lacks naturalism.
Fresh and energetic, it plays out the action on a trestle set with onstage viewers, inviting us to collude in the art and artificiality of its romantic conventions - amorous nobleman, aided by wily barber, steals lovely girl from beneath the nose of her elderly guardian.