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a Russian journal of the theater, music, and the arts. It was published in Moscow from 1889 to 1895 during the theater season (seven issues per year). In 1892 and 1893 the journal published a supplement, Dnevnik “Artista” (The “Artist’s” Diary), that came out in the summer months.

Artist printed articles, reviews, dramatic works, novellas, short stories, memoirs, and monographs, as well as theater listings, news items, bibliographies, and reproductions of paintings by famous artists.

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What does it mean when you dream about an artist?

Artists are natural symbols of creativity. Dreaming of an artist at work may indicate a repressed desire, and possibly a potential talent, to express oneself in a creative arena.

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So I have gone through life essentially unable to express myself artistically. Even dancing, I resemble a puppet that has been given to a fidgety three year old.
"Artistically and politically, I think we will fit each other well.
Your students are eager to create, present, respond to and connect with art, and we know you have a great year of activities planned to help them become artistically literate citizens.
as an artistically talented boy, just like his father who himself is an artist and sculpturer.
Phil Landy had to artistically illuminate a Trinity Vaults in north Liverpool church as part of the artistic project Phil Landy had to help illuminate Trinity Vaults in Vauxhall
Even more strikingly, 54% of the visual arts students reported that their confidence in their ability to improve artistically "increased greatly" during the program, 32% reported that this confidence "increased somewhat," 13% reported no change, and only about 1% reported "somewhat" or "greatly" decreased confidence in their ability to improve artistically.
Intriguing and artistically pleasing " A Wood Engraver's Alphabet" is something to be considered for art fans.
The Abyss depicts an artistically arranged half packet of filter tip spent nub ends.
You can follow her sometimes hilarious tales of wannabe popular hell through her artistically designed cartoon strip.
Any half-assedly film-literate person already knows that the Oscars are usually artistically meaningless.
An architectural mesh screen artistically divides the living and sleeping areas.
Complexions, the 13-year-old company started by former Ailey dancers Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson, strives to live up to its name by presenting diversity both culturally and artistically. In the past year, the company has added a range of creative energies to the mix.