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a Russian journal of the theater, music, and the arts. It was published in Moscow from 1889 to 1895 during the theater season (seven issues per year). In 1892 and 1893 the journal published a supplement, Dnevnik “Artista” (The “Artist’s” Diary), that came out in the summer months.

Artist printed articles, reviews, dramatic works, novellas, short stories, memoirs, and monographs, as well as theater listings, news items, bibliographies, and reproductions of paintings by famous artists.

What does it mean when you dream about an artist?

Artists are natural symbols of creativity. Dreaming of an artist at work may indicate a repressed desire, and possibly a potential talent, to express oneself in a creative arena.

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Plus, it'll be good to have a record of your genius to refer to when you might be feeling artistically blocked.
It's where young chef-owner Eran Ben Aruch heads up a kitchen that comes up with such heavy duty specials for gourmets as grilled foie gras along with its regular entrees, which are as artistically arranged as any uptown efforts at significantly higher prices.
Pevsner and Gabo thought of sculpture as the perfect vehicle for their new art, regarding it as socially as well as artistically revolutionary - socialist realism, of course, still being in the future.
Using the Macromedia Flash Video Streaming Service powered by VitalStream, we were able to solve all of the questions around how to deliver a cinematic experience artistically, reliably, and effectively, and focus instead on integrating the video deeply into our website.
Artistically, both evenings were very strong, with only a few unpolished moments, which were outweighed by the dancers' zealousness.
So the chef makes up a cleverly crafted, artistically creative, rendition of each on one plate, all together, with hokki clams, octopus and shrimp setting off both the traditional cucumber in the sunomono part along with the crunchy fresh seaweed portion.
Fishing is an art, as anyone familiar with Moby Dick or Trout Fishing in America can presumably attest, and nowhere is it seen more artistically than in Lurie's new television mega-miniseries Fishing with John.
Called "America's largest annual festival of the arts" by the Toronto Star and "one of the most imaginative and artistically satisfying multi-arts jamborees in the country" by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the 2003 Spoleto Festival USA, held in Charleston, South Carolina, from May 23 to June 8, was propelled by brilliant productions, balmy weather, strong attendance and a new box office record.
Artistically, the bar has been raised, but in this concert, music was the star.
But there can only be 10 best films in any given year, and my list for 2002 (see accompanying story) comprises the pictures that I felt really stood out artistically, intellectually and cinematically from a very fine pack.
Despite their clashing iconographic and formal structures, the pieces that made up this show, with their gentle retrospective mood and painterly virtuosity, were yet another memorable instance of Zakrzewski's confrontation with the past - and of his attempt to situate himself in the present, both artistically and personally.
Commenting on Hanson, producer Kortchmar said, "In a flavor-of-the-minute" environment for music, I'm very happy to be able to work with a band like Hanson, who are real musicians with a strong vision of what they want to achieve artistically.