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GB: Knowing what a powerful and pioneering advocate you have been for musician wellness, how do you think performing arts medicine has evolved over time and do you see evidence that musicians, fellow physicians and university administrators are beginning to recognize how crucial this subject is to everyone?
The arts medicine specialist is trained to discern subtle differences in the supranormal to near-perfect range in which the professional performer's body must operate.
Members of the PASIG, among others, recognized that a model similar to sports medicine could serve to advance the quality and quantity of performing arts medicine healthcare providers.
Other organizations interested in performing arts medicine began working with PAMA with an international initiative called PAMAForte!
An increasing number of reliable sources are becoming available through organizations such as the Performing Arts Medicine Association, the National Association of Schools of Music and MTNA.
Presented by the Performing Arts Medicine Association and the Aspen Music Festival and School.
But in spite of the efforts of researchers in performing arts medicine, and the plethora of outstanding books, workshops, symposia and so on, this percentage remains stubbornly high.
Kevin Varner, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at Methodist Hospital's Center for Performing Arts Medicine in Houston identifies five telltale signs.
The author gives valuable insights into the work done in arts medicine in Australia by leading pioneers such as Hunter Fry, a neurologist who studied the injuries of musicians.
Robert Jackson, a physician at Methodist Hospital's Center for Performing Arts Medicine who works with Houston Ballet dancers, always recommends eating before taking NSAIDs to avoid indigestion.
This is a unique opportunity to hear some of this country's most experienced performing arts medicine physicians partner in sessions with knowledgeable MTNA musicians to address the questions to which you've always wanted answers.
Occupational Diseases of Performing Artists, a performing arts medicine bibliography, December 2000: about_music_00.html

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