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(both: äsh), city, W Czech Republic, in Bohemia, near the Bavarian border. It is a textile center and also manufactures lace, woolens, embroidery, and carpets.


symbol for the element arsenicarsenic
, a semimetallic chemical element; symbol As; at. no. 33; at. wt. 74.92160; m.p. 817°C; (at 28 atmospheres pressure); sublimation point 613°C;; sp. gr. (stable form) 5.73; valence −3, 0, +3, or +5.
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automatic sprinkler

A sprinkler head having a nozzle which is normally closed, but opens when exposed to a predetermined quantity of heat—either by the melting of a fusible element or by the rupturing of a liquid-filled glass bulb.


1. an ancient Roman unit of weight approximately equal to 1 pound troy (373 grams)
2. the standard monetary unit and copper coin of ancient Rome






The country code for American Samoa.


(1) See autonomous system.

(2) See authentication server.

(3) (Application System) An IBM mainframe 4GL that runs under MVS. It was originally designed for non-computer people and includes commands for planning, budgeting and graphics. However, a programmer can also produce complex applications. It also provides computer conferencing.
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Deleuze and Guattari go so far as to suggest that smooth space is not preferable in and of itself.
It is helpful in understanding persons with AS to seek that person's perception of a situation and determine what rules might be operating in their perception of the situation.
An example of this is MULTI-EXIT-DISCRIMINATOR (MED), which is used by an AS to tell the ASs to which it is connected which is the best router to use if multiple ones are available.
The KDC responds with a challenge to the AS to supply the AS's device identity.
5bn) loan to cover a potential takeover offer for British Cable & Wireless Worldwide Plc (LON:CW), as well as to refinance debt.