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as-built drawing

A working drawing as modified during construction; includes a record of concealed items (such as conduits for building services), thereby providing information for future reference. Also called record drawings.
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He concluded by showing Topcon drones capturing imagery of the completed highway, bringing that data via Topcons MAGNET Enterprise through ContextCapture Cloud Processing Serviceto create an as-constructed reality mesh for use in the new AssetWise road network management, maintenance, and inspection workflows.
Comparing the data from distinct sensors and locations enables identification of correlations between as-constructed properties of asphalt concrete in construction databases and field performance of pavements in pavement management systems to quantify the link between material quality, traffic flow and performance.
End-result and performance-related specifications, as their names imply, require a contractor to achieve specified as-produced or as-constructed quality levels, which are ideally linked to the attainment of good future performance.
Under basic services, the architect typically delivers a redlined, marked-up set of as-constructed drawings, most often produced by the building contractors.
The first report, Investigation of the Effect of Curling on As-Constructed Smoothness and Ride Quality of KDOT Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Pavements (K-TRAN: KSU-01-07), aims to quantify the effect of slab curling--the result of environmental conditions such as a temperature or moisture gradient across the thickness of a concrete pavement slab.
Using PRS and setting the acceptance quality characteristics can help highway agencies determine whether a contractor should receive incentive or disincentive payments for a project, depending on the as-constructed quality of the work.
The A/E firm should assist in completing the financials, edit and finish the project documentation, provide as-constructed design prints marked by the construction contractor, participate in training, and help develop the final facility and equipment operating procedures.
Provision of Design Certification, inclusive of Building Certification, Access Consultancy Services & RPEQ Certification and As-Constructed Documentation
The difference between the as-designed and as-constructed life-cycle cost is the basis for any pay adjustment, either positive or negative.