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as-built drawing

A working drawing as modified during construction; includes a record of concealed items (such as conduits for building services), thereby providing information for future reference. Also called record drawings.
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the key items of works include:site establishment including fenced site compound; installation of environmental management controls in accordance with the emp; fabrication of precast concrete boat ramp planks; demolish existing stone pitched shoulders and undertake earthworks to prepare subgrade for construction of boat ramp widening; construction of boat ramp widening; remove, stockpile the existing solar light, information sign, guideposts and log fencing as required for reinstatement by others; installation of pavement markers; carry out crack repairs to the existing concrete boat ramp surface using a methodology approved by the superintendent; and conduct as-constructed survey and prepare as-constructed drawings.
AVEVA E3D provides an exciting opportunity for EPCs to develop Lean Construction processes within an environment which fully integrates as-fabricated and as-constructed, as the design progresses.
Comparing the data from distinct sensors and locations enables identification of correlations between as-constructed properties of asphalt concrete in construction databases and field performance of pavements in pavement management systems to quantify the link between material quality, traffic flow and performance.
End-result and performance-related specifications, as their names imply, require a contractor to achieve specified as-produced or as-constructed quality levels, which are ideally linked to the attainment of good future performance.
Under basic services, the architect typically delivers a redlined, marked-up set of as-constructed drawings, most often produced by the building contractors.
The first report, Investigation of the Effect of Curling on As-Constructed Smoothness and Ride Quality of KDOT Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Pavements (K-TRAN: KSU-01-07), aims to quantify the effect of slab curling--the result of environmental conditions such as a temperature or moisture gradient across the thickness of a concrete pavement slab.
The A/E firm should assist in completing the financials, edit and finish the project documentation, provide as-constructed design prints marked by the construction contractor, participate in training, and help develop the final facility and equipment operating procedures.