asbestos fiber

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asbestos, asbestos fiber

Fine, flexible, non-combustible, inorganic fiber obtained from natural hydrous magnesium silicate; can withstand high temperatures without change; a poor heat conductor; is fabricated into many forms either alone or with other ingredients. A recognized health hazard.
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Asbestos fibers were used in combination with cement to manufacture pipes over 100 years ago in Genoa, Italy.
Asbestos fiber length as related to potential pathogenicity: a critical review.
The estimation of the risks of asbestos-related lung cancer in the general population, under the increase of exposure to asbestos fibers resulting from the removal and disposal of asbestos products in the country, as well as exposure from other activities such as drilling or sawing asbestos-cement sheeting, is a crucial problem requiring preventive actions.
While it is true that finding asbestos fibers or asbestos bodies in lung tissue might provide evidence of asbestos exposure in cases where no exposure history or other proof of exposure is available, the detection of a certain number of asbestos fibers or asbestos bodies in lung tissue cannot be made a universal requirement for confirming exposure to asbestos because such a requirement ignores two well established biological facts.
To better elucidate the MOA of specific asbestos fibers, the risk assessor requires data as to specific characteristics of asbestos in determining fiber toxicity (e.g., surface area, mineral type), which may inform efforts to assess and control exposures and prevent adverse human health outcomes for the diverse range of fiber types.
Most DPF cases showed commercial asbestos fiber concentrations below the detection limit.
Therefore, the analysis of lung tissue for asbestos fiber levels and asbestos bodies is an appropriate supporting technique for the histological diagnosis of asbestosis.
For instance, unlike most carcinogens, asbestos fibers do not cause cells to mutate.
Geometric mean of uncoated asbestos fiber dimension.

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