asbestos fiber

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asbestos, asbestos fiber

Fine, flexible, non-combustible, inorganic fiber obtained from natural hydrous magnesium silicate; can withstand high temperatures without change; a poor heat conductor; is fabricated into many forms either alone or with other ingredients. A recognized health hazard.
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1 fibers per cubic centimeter of air or an asbestos fiber that is 5 micrometers long (NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods, 1994).
Asbestos fiber length as related to potential pathogenicity: a critical review.
In the serpentine variety, the asbestos fibers are curly and flexible.
If asbestos in the school is limited to floor and ceiling tiles, the risk is likely to be minimal since asbestos fibers are firmly embedded in a strong, rigid matrix and would be released only if the material were cut, drilled, sanded, or heavily worn.
To better elucidate the MOA of specific asbestos fibers, the risk assessor requires data as to specific characteristics of asbestos in determining fiber toxicity (e.
Most DPF cases showed commercial asbestos fiber concentrations below the detection limit.
However, he says, the new findings suggest that in a dividing cell, endosomes with small asbestos fibers would continue to scoot along the tubule roadway, but away from the region of the dividing chromosomes.
Geometric mean of uncoated asbestos fiber dimension.
The Tylers' counsel said he had relied on the work-provided respirator to protect him from inhaling asbestos fibers, but it had not done so due to an improper fit.
Adopted in January 2000, the CCO strictly prohibits the use of amosite (brown) and crocidolite (blue) asbestos fibers and of products containing these fibers, but permits the use of chrysolite (white) asbestos fibers in high density products.
Recently reports surfaced by a scientist and Department of Natural Resources that asbestos fibers are in at least part of the ore body that Gogebic Taconite hopes to mine.

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