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(aerospace engineering)
Motion of a craft in which the path is inclined upward with respect to the horizontal.
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What does it mean when you dream about an ascent?

Dreaming of moving up—in an elevator or by other means—indicates accomplishment and reward for achievements.

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--Deeper down into pain than I ever ascended, even into its darkest flood!
At noon, to-day, ascended to an elevation of nearly 25,000 feet, by discharging ballast.
The limb upon which I found myself ascended at a slight angle toward the cliff, and as I followed it I found that it terminated a few feet above a narrow ledge which protruded from the cliff's face at the entrance to a narrow cave.
People who have ascended the towers of Notre-Dame know that there is a swell of the stone immediately beneath the balustrade.
But on the third floor, to which one ascended by a fine stone stairway, broad and easy, with elaborate iron railings, there was a more simple set of rooms, comfortably furnished, where the American family were pleasantly provided for, in a home of their own.
Keeping constant tension (no bouncing or pausing), slowly ascend to a count of 10 seconds until upright.
Ascend One Corporation, the parent company to a family of financial businesses that includes Amerix Corp., FreedomPoint, Amerix Mortgage and 3Ci.
The Ascend fund, which targets minority- and women-owned firms for potential investments, has allocated $5 million for companies based in New York and the remaining $35 million for firms elsewhere in the country.
Solutia will seek to tailor Ascend to the consumer-products market by developing an extruded nylon thin film that enables companies to extend the shelf life and improve the convenience and marketability of their goods.
With the Ascend Intelligent Network Advantage Program, CLECs have an alternative to service bureaus for value-added services.
"We are very excited to take advantage of Ascend's state-of-the-art DSL technology, which will enable us to bring higher bandwidth and extend the service reach to our enterprise customers," said John Aust, chief executive office for NAS.
base of Ascend remote access equipment, provides ISPs and others, the means to quickly benefit from the enormous potential of IP telephony," said John Nastal, ISPtel CFO.