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What does it mean when you dream about ashes?

Ashes are usually associated with dreams of loss or bereavement. The dreamer could be experiencing the physical death of a loved one or the separation of a friend or spouse. It could also be an indication of lost chances or opportunities.

References in classic literature ?
I rose shaking the ashes from me, and went without the kraal to wash away their defilement.
Not till the fire died down into ashes did we leave the grove.
As I drew a still fresher soil about the rows with my hoe, I disturbed the ashes of unchronicled nations who in primeval years lived under these heavens, and their small implements of war and hunting were brought to the light of this modern day.
So Alice picked him up very gently, and lifted him across more slowly than she had lifted the Queen, that she mightn't take his breath away: but, before she put him on the table, she thought she might as well dust him a little, he was so covered with ashes.
All the ashes will get into it--there, now I think you're tidy enough
Out of mine own ashes and glow it came unto me, that phantom.
I surpassed myself, the suffering one; I carried mine own ashes to the mountain; a brighter flame I contrived for myself.
Only have I wisdom and memories--memories that are ashes, but royal ashes, jeweled ashes.
He stopped for an instant to look upon its smoking walls, and at the stars that shone through roof and floor upon the heap of crumbling ashes.
All this while, Louisa had been passing on, so quiet and reserved, and so much given to watching the bright ashes at twilight as they fell into the grate, and became extinct, that from the period when her father had said she was almost a young woman - which seemed but yesterday - she had scarcely attracted his notice again, when he found her quite a young woman.
I have made a special study of cigar ashes -- in fact, I have written a monograph upon the subject.
You were going to sleep upon cold bricks; I can give you a bed of warm ashes --nothing better.