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I saw her asleep, and went out for a little stroll myself.
But, finding David asleep by the spring, one of the rogues whispered to his fellow,"Hist
They followed the bend of the river, and at last came upon their friend the Lion, lying fast asleep among the poppies.
This roused Skipper, who, half- asleep, helped him to curl up.
Having a private object of their own in view, the five wise virgins of Miss Ladd's first class had waited an hour, in wakeful anticipation of the falling asleep of the stranger--and it had ended in this way
The maid was not asleep, and, more wonderful still, was not even undressed.
But he had only gone a few steps when once again he sank upon the grass and fell asleep and dreamed.
The First Mate was asleep in a square of sunshine by the sofa.
Wait a minute and I'll come right back," answered the old fellow, thinking he had to deal with one of those boys who love to roam around at night ringing people's bells while they are peacefully asleep.
This was evidently Wolf Larsen's quest--to find the men who appeared to be asleep and who were not asleep or who had not been asleep very recently.
Levin pretended to be asleep, while Oblonsky, putting on his slippers, and lighting a cigar, walked out of the barn, and soon their voices were lost.
That she looked at the candle she had left burning, and, measuring the time like King Alfred the Great, was confirmed by its wasted state in her belief that she had been asleep for some considerable period.