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The species, Euplectella aspergillum, is made entirely of glass.
Los talos de Lithothrix aspergillum son perennes y crecen sobre sustrato rocoso, epifitos o epizoicos (Emerson y Zedler, 1978; Aguilar-Rosas y Machado Galindo, 1990).
Positive (10 mg/ml histamine base) and negative (normal saline) controls were simultaneously applied along with cockroach, cat , mite , mixed trees, mixed grasses, feather mix, aspergillum, and some food allergens including milk, egg, tomato and cacao (Stallergenes, France).
VESTED IN ALB AND STOLE AND ARMED WITH MY TRUSTY aspergillum, I gave them the deluxe package.
Suspended from a rod attached to the frame of what must be a devotional picture, the bucket has been turned into a container for holy water with the addition of an aspergillum.