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the absence from the semen of spermatozoa and cellular elements of the seminal vesicles. Aspermia is one of the causes of male sterility. The causes of aspermia are the disturbance of the passageways of the vas deferens as a result of the inflammation of the appendages of the testicles (epididymis), traumatic injury of the vas deferens, and developmental defect of the vas deferens. Unlike as-permatism, aspermia does not affect ejaculation or orgasm.

Microscopic examination of the sperm is necessary for the diagnosis of aspermia. Treatment is directed at the elimination of the causes of aspermia and involves physiotherapeutic measures, tissue therapy to soften and resolve the scarred tissue, and hormone therapy. If conservative treatment is unsuccessful, a restorative operation can be performed.


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Maugh (1981) evidenced that the gossypol alters the spermatogenesis, causing oligospermia and aspermia, by inhibiting the lactate dehydrogenase X, an enzyme that plays a key role in spermatozoa metabolism.
Gene mutation or abnormal expression of cFLIP(L) in reproductive system, leading to internal environment disorder and abnormal spermatogenesis and oogenesis could cause bull's oligzoospermous or aspermia, reduce a cow's ovulation rate and conception rate.
Es posible que la calidad del agua con un aumento de la turbidez y disminucion del oxigeno sea la causa de la aspermia en dos meses y la baja viabilidad asociada con la pluviosidad.