asphalt binder course

binder course, binding course

1. In asphaltic concrete paving, an intermediate course between the course base and the surfacing material; consists of intermediate-size aggregate bound by bituminous material.
2. A row of masonry units laid between, and used to bind, an inner and an outer wall.
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14 (E = 643 MPa; where asphalt wearing course is from AC 11 VS with the 100% of granite aggregates, asphalt binder course is from AC 16 AS with the 50% of the fraction 8/11 and 11/16 of granite rubble and 50% of fraction 0/8 of crushed gravel aggregate mixture, asphalt base course is from AC 32 PS with the 100% of dolomite aggregates).
The asphalt base course was built from 0/32-C (AC 11 PS) crushed dolomite, gravel, 100% crushed gravel, 50% crushed dolomite and 50% crushed gravel; asphalt binder course: 0/16-A (AC 16 AS), 0/16-[A.sub.PMB] (AC 16 AS PMB) crushed granite 11/16 + crushed dolomite 5/8 + (crushed dolomite and crushed granite 8/11, 50% and 50%); crushed granite 8/11 and 11/16 + crushed gravel (rest of aggregates); crushed dolomite 8/11 and 11/16 + crushed gravel (rest of aggregates); 50% crushed granite + 50% sand; 100% crushed granite; 100% crushed gravel.