asphalt felt

breather-type asphalt felt

An underlayment sheet material, saturated with asphalt, which permits the transmission of water vapor; often used as underlayment for asbestos-cement shingles.
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The roof has been stripped but is temporarily covered with asphalt felt (Tarco No.
I am a big fan of asphalt felt, and I would like to apply that over the Grace before applying fiberglass shingles.
RoofTopGuard Craftsman is made of reflective grey, nonwoven-coated spunbond polypropylene and applies 30% faster compared to traditional asphalt felt.
It generally boils down to this: Plastic housewrap stays more flexible in cold weather and resists tearing far better than asphalt felt, making housewrap easier to install.
The alliance also provides for a private label manufacturing arrangement whereby Building Products will supply glass ply asphalt felt to JM to be sold under its JM brand.
in the manufacture of asphalt felt from Bedard's existing manufacturing facility in Joliette, Quebec.
The Bedard operations have been providing Emco with asphalt felt for many years to supplement the Company's production of this product.