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This assemblage corresponds to the Eulepidina-Nephrolepidina-Nummulites Assemblage Zone (3) of [1].
Based on the occurrence of these fossils, two assemblage zones (Eulepidina-Nephrolepidina-Nummulites Assemblage Zone and Miogypsinoides-Archaias Valvulinid sp.
Neostreptognathodus pequopensis--Hindeodus minutes assemblage zone
Lonchodina nevadensis--Ellisonia triassica assemblage zone
The fossils are from rocks forming the Pristerognathus Assemblage Zone of the Beaufort Group in South Africa.
Five biozones has recognized from benthic foraminifera including four Acme zones and one Assemblage zone.
Lepidocyclina (Eulepidina) dilitata-Operculina complanata Assemblage Zone
If so, you may be disappointed that the approaches are entirely embedded in well-known traditional frameworks involving species' ecologies, ecological groups (nuanced, since 1991, by 'taxocenes') and mollusc assemblage zones.
As cluster analyses resulted in unequally spread and wide zones, ostracod assemblage zones (OAZ) were separated visually according to the presence or absence of indicator taxa.