assembly area

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assembly space

A gathering place (such as an auditorium, exclusive of a stage) that is occupied by numbers of persons during major periods of occupancy; some building codes consider every tier of seating in an auditorium to be a separate assembly space.
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The scout platoon's primary task was to set up a company-sized assembly area six kilometers east of Al Huwijah, 30 minutes ahead of the mechanized force.
The investment at the 40-year-old plant will be used to overhaul its body shop and modify the paint shop and final assembly area.
The courtyard is also brought extensively into play as an assembly area, playground, cafeteria and multi-purpose space.
They have a good group of workers, a nice assembly area, and they do some thorough testing of their machines," says Mark.
The rocket left its assembly area at Tanegashima Space Center at around 11:10 a.
Machinery and equipment manufacturer Fairview Machine, Chicopee, MA, has recently added a 20,000 square foot machinery assembly area to its manufacturing facility in Chicopee.
In an assembly area the size of two large gymnasiums, some 500 Costa Ricans bob to their Walkmans while racing against the clock.
In the assembly area, there are books containing instructions for each job (Fig.
They watched as the blaze spread through the building's store room and mattress assembly area.
Inside, production remained clogged; parts, cast, forged, lathed, and drilled in adjoining buildings and brought by hand-pushed carts, piled up in the aisles of the stationary assembly area.
In another case, Hoffer worked with a client to redesign a bulky box to halt the incidence of back injuries in the assembly area.
Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary has been redesigned to include an ambulatory around the main assembly area, in Southwest pueblo style, with 12 small nichos with santos placing the assembly in the communion of saints.

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