assembly area

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assembly space

A gathering place (such as an auditorium, exclusive of a stage) that is occupied by numbers of persons during major periods of occupancy; some building codes consider every tier of seating in an auditorium to be a separate assembly space.
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He said upon completion of the assembly area, they visited the school's special needs department where they found there was a malfunctioning refrigerator and they replaced it with a new one worth P2 500.
That 100,000 sq ft base is now set to be extended by 15,000 sq ft to house a new automatic paint plant and assembly area, funded in part by PS160,000 from The Journal and The Gazette's Let's Grow programme, backed by BE Group and UNW LLP.
It was decided that the Logistics Area in Hidd Industrial City will be allocated as a trucks assembly area starting from 9 July 2014, and trucks that arrive first at the assembly area will have crossing priority over other trucks.
The new building provides an increased assembly area.
The Billingham-based company has significantly increased the size of its load-out and assembly area.
In order to help maintain this impressive progress, Mr Manion challenged Coventry-based Deely Construction to increase the size of its assembly area.
The company states that with the new production area it has substantially extended its assembly area for premium quality robots from 670 to 1,720 square metres.
Mr Cameron drove the car on to the assembly area floor where staff were waiting, having first slightly overshot the corner, causing him to have to reverse to complete the manoeuvre.
Officials, interviewed by Sudan Tribune, said the fighting with Tanginya erupted at Kaldak assembly area on Saturday over the killing of a senior officer of the militia leader after attempts to persuade him accept integration of his forces without giving conditions.
All molding is performed in a certified class 8 clean room, adjacent to a class 7 clean room assembly area. High-speed material handling equipment and closed-loop processes ensure products are molded under the most controlled environments, thus reducing the possibility of contaminated parts.
The building covers an enlarged engineering area to accommodate future growth, a research and development lab, and an expanded electronics assembly area with upgraded testing equipment.

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