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To meet demand for its products, the company operates flexible assembly lines. Each line consists of a conveyor and several work stations that can be reconfigured to accommodate a particular product.
By building assembly lines that handle several different vehicle types, each with its own variations, auto makers can match production to consumer demand in each market niche.
2014: 50,000th Mercedes-Benz rolls out of the assembly lines in Chakan
The detailed technical presentation includes parts being imported to be used to assemble assembly line, packing line and details of materials to be used, technical literature explaining use for each assembly line part, commercial invoice copy and airway bill copy.
"With the assembly line establishment, Azerbaijan will turn into IKCO's export hub in the region," he noted.
The first five focus on the invention, development, expansion, and export of the assembly line from its introduction at the Ford Motor Company in 1913 to its mixed reception in Europe after World War I.
The last, of course, became the most vivid feature of the assembly line in the popular imagination, though he argues that it was much less important in cutting costs than the others.
(Except once, when I, and many others, fell asleep in a train that carried visitors around a car assembly line somewhere in Australia.
The steelwork on the main building, the Final Assembly Line hangar where the A320 Family aircraft will be assembled, started in April 2013 and is nearing completion.
Release date- 22052013 - Christopher 'Kit' Johnson has joined Airbus Americas as its new Customs Manager for the company's A320 Family assembly line in Mobile, Alabama.
There are two types of mixed-model assembly line problems (MMALPs), which are referred as dual problems in the literature.
European aircraft maker Airbus unveiled plans, on 2 July, to open its second foreign-based assembly line in Alabama in the US, pledging a US$600 million investment in the region.

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