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1. a person who evaluates the merits, importance, etc., of something, esp (in Britain) work prepared as part of a course of study
2. a person with technical expertise called in to advise a court on specialist matters



a judicial official in ancient Rome, in medieval Europe, and in some bourgeois states such as Germany. In Russia, Peter I created the post of assessor on the staffs of the Senate, the Synod, the courts, and the other Collegiums. This post was gradually abolished in the second half of the 19th century. (It was retained longest in the provincial governments.) The rank corresponding to this post—col-legial assessor, the eighth civilian rank in the Table of Ranks—existed until the overthrow of tsarism in 1917.

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Independent Assessors Come From Several Disciplines
As the technical assessor remarked: 'GOPHCY still has many problems to solve: mainly traffic congestion, pollution and rubbish disposal.
In 2008, the IMSA Board of Directors created an optional way for companies to renew or reinstate the three-year certification without the need for assessor services.
Lead assessors will need to attend Cardiff University for a day which will consist of training in setting up assessment days, confidentiality issues and carrying out assessments, as well as being assessed.
If you think you might want to go this route, ask your assessor for recommendations.
TABLE 1 Variance components for trainee, case and assessor and the interaction between these components Effect under study Variance component Variance component Behaviour (SE) Medical (SE) Trainee 0.
Bacup boss Brent Peters has written to FA chief Brian Barwick informing him assessors are no longer welcome at the West View Stadium because they put too much pressure on the man in the middle.
In addition, new partnerships have fueled adoption of IntelliCorp's Assessor products, including IBM Global Services and Mercury.
When a homeowner pulls a building permit, the city forwards the information to the county assessor for reassessment, according to material from a Spidell Publishing course.
It goes on to state that any other information provided by the assessor is also not liable.
To check the identity of an assessor or to arrange an assessment call 01642 391170.
Until now, the assessor has met the referee for a chat before the match and afterwards for a debriefing.

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