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1. a person who evaluates the merits, importance, etc., of something, esp (in Britain) work prepared as part of a course of study
2. a person with technical expertise called in to advise a court on specialist matters



a judicial official in ancient Rome, in medieval Europe, and in some bourgeois states such as Germany. In Russia, Peter I created the post of assessor on the staffs of the Senate, the Synod, the courts, and the other Collegiums. This post was gradually abolished in the second half of the 19th century. (It was retained longest in the provincial governments.) The rank corresponding to this post—col-legial assessor, the eighth civilian rank in the Table of Ranks—existed until the overthrow of tsarism in 1917.

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As assessor, I will implement the price weighted regression model that has been shown to be much more accurate and less regressive.
International trade adviser from UKTI Kati Hope (left) with Fiona Hudson-Kelly |of Smart Assessor
The assessors evaluate applications on the basis of the EFQM Excellence Model or DQA Criteria and the RADAR Scoring Methodology.
The provider is responsible for offering a Green Deal plan to customers, based on recommendations from an accredited assessor.
When differences in the assessor type have risen in the empirical literature they have almost entirely focused on the assessor type's influence on horizontal equity via uniformity measures such as the coefficient of dispersion (COD).
From a retiring assessor, Tom Stallings, he bought the right to take over the servicing of some 25 to 40 companies, but so far, none of them has produced any business for him.
The LOCSU is providing an opportunity for each LOC to nominate one optometrist to attend the first 'Lead Assessor Day'.
Submit the data to the assessor in the manner requested by them.
The VCs due to the assessor were relatively low, indicating that the assessors were of similar average stringency in all three categories.
Peters explained: "At a recent game I congratulated the referee, and he told me he had been marked down by the match assessor because he hadn't issued enough yellow cards.
When a field tax assessor came to his house, Singletary allegedly held a machete to his neck, later denying doing so, but still invoking the Castle Doctrine Law, which expands the right to use deadly force in self-defense to a vehicle or business.
Cook County Assessor James Houlihan says his 2003 measure, which capped annual increases of taxable assessed value at 7 percent for many homeowners in the county, provided much-needed relief to residents on the South and Near West sides where waves of high-priced condominiums and townhouses have driven up the property values for longtime residents.