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Using 2009 Medicare claims linked to the American Medical Association (AMA) Group Practice File, we quantified the potential assignment problem for community-dwelling beneficiaries caused by the consideration of post-acute E&M services as primary care and discuss its implications for the two Medicare ACO programs.
Traditional gate assignment problem only considers constraints related to gate assignment to determine the flight-to-gate assignment scheme minimizing the objective function, while gates and runways combinatorial optimization should consider constraints related to both gate assignment and runway assignment to make the optimal assignment scheme that minimize the flight taxiing time.
Among them berth allocation is a typical assignment problem (AP), and equipment configuration can be reduced to a multiple knapsack problem (MKP), while trailer routing is modeled on a traveling salesman problem (TSP) basis.
The quadratic assignment problem (QAP) formulation for assigning 'n' facilities to 'n' mutually exclusive locations is the most typical model used in manufacturing or interactive service systems.
Mathematical programming models and algorithms for a class-faculty assignment problem.
In [1] a solution to the robust pole assignment problem via reflection coefficients of polynomials has been provided for discrete-time single-input single-output (SISO) linear systems following the ideas of fixed-order output controller design.
Shahani, A genetic algorithm for the project assignment problem.
An assignment problem plays an important role in industry and other applications.
Chapter 6 discusses the tools to minimize the cost or maximize the effectiveness of the Assignment problem.
For the present study, the instructor roughly classified each assignment problem according to its major purpose and then compared the assignment problems to the essay questions students had to complete on each exam.
The Ideal and Anti-Ideal Concepts Algorithm, presented by Liang (1999), is applied to the personnel assignment problem and the method proposed by Aouam et al.