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in botany. (1) The assimilating apparatus of many liverworts in the form of short rows of chlorophyl-lose cells.

(2) Lamellar outgrowths of palisade tissue running along the leaf of certain mosses (for example, haircap moss).

(3) Cells located on the axial filament of the thallus of certain red algae (for example, Batrachospermum), which play a basic role in the process of biological assimilation.

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19] reported that moisture stress at pollination stage influenced grain setting of corn by decreasing photosynthesis and decreased grain number per cab row owing to the increase in the number of sterile pollens which were produced due to the deficiency of assimilates.
Meaning is established when the individual is able to assimilate the data into present schemata or accommodate new data into his/her existing schema.
North Korea had demanded during the previous round of normalization talks in April that Japan stops all "put-up jobs to assimilate our compatriots in Japan," the broadcast said.
It is the peculiar nature of American culture to borrow from other cultures, to assimilate and make them its own, as it did with the great Russian-born, Maryinsky-trained father of American ballet, George Balanchine.
The Borg are aliens who assimilate any civilisation with which they come into contact.
If a nurse is not doing the hands-on assessment and monitoring all signs and symptoms, vital signs and procedural results, who will assimilate all this information and report it accurately to the physician?
Making artificial materials that the biologically complex human body can safety assimilate keeps a community of medically minded polymer chemists working.
ASSIMILATE acknowledges that it used code and design elements from Cyborg in its SCRATCH product.
Join ASSIMILATE at the Sony Theater to See P9's Latest Music Video, "Love You in those Jeans"
Some drought tolerant cultivars which have the high potential for the reserve of photosynthetic assimilates also high efficiency in Translocation of these assimilate in stress condition [3].
Digestion is that wondrous, yet delicate, process that allows us to assimilate, not only food, but life itself.
Yancey contends that many individuals, namely Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans, will likely be able to assimilate into the dominant culture and even be counted as white in the years to come, whereas African Americans will continue to experience a degree of alienation unmatched by other racial groups that reinforces their separation.