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in botany. (1) The assimilating apparatus of many liverworts in the form of short rows of chlorophyl-lose cells.

(2) Lamellar outgrowths of palisade tissue running along the leaf of certain mosses (for example, haircap moss).

(3) Cells located on the axial filament of the thallus of certain red algae (for example, Batrachospermum), which play a basic role in the process of biological assimilation.

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This is the layer with both the most TAMDAR observations to assimilate and the most observations to verify against, and thus it is encouraging to see the most improvement here.
Given that the treatments were applied at anthesis stage when the stem has the maximum dry weight, the difference in weight can be related to the remobilization of reserves from stem to other organs which is a proof of the relative capacity of stem for storing assimilates. Stem dry weight was decreased in the treatment of the removal of upper leaves of cab compared to control which indicates the deficiency of assimilates and the incapability of leaves in supplying enough assimilates.
The lawsuit alleged that ASSIMILATE's software program, SCRATCH, infringed Autodesk Canada's copyright in Cyborg.
ASSIMILATE is committed to empowering the broad spectrum of creative and post-production professionals with state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, data-centric solutions that deliver optimal price/performance.
Early Americans (including prominent Founding Fathers) desired to assimilate the Indians into society by proselytizing and converting the Indians to the Christian faith."
First, sovereign nations must protect their borders for the simple fact that they can only assimilate so many immigrants at any one time.
The political space and the different doctrines in these states, whether recognized or denied, enabled the Kurds to either assimilate or not.
As in other of his works the language comes from social science and may sometimes be difficult to assimilate (what he says is not all obscure--just a language that differs from most New Testament studies).
The success of this "business fiction" technique rides on the reader's ability to move through the book and assimilate the various episodes as emblematic of different issues and hurdles they themselves could face.
However, once South Asian and Muslim immigrants come to the United States, the pressure to assimilate forces many of us to make the transition from lotah to toilet paper.
That intent is to assimilate our population and culture into the Canadian mix.
We are choosing not to assimilate First Nations people, slowly learning, in fact, that that was never an option.