assistive technology

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assistive technology

Hardware and software that help people who are physically impaired. Often called "accessibility options" when referring to enhancements for using the computer, the field of assistive technology is quite vast and even includes ramp and doorway construction that supports wheelchairs. For more information, visit the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) at

Enhancements for using the computer include alternative keyboard and mouse devices, replacing beeps with light signals for the deaf, screen magnifiers and text enlargers, as well as systems that form Braille letters from on-screen text. See screen reader, voice recognition, TDD/TTY and accessibility.

A Specialized Keyboard
This IntelliKeys keyboard provides a 24x24 cell matrix that can be custom programmed with oversized keys for children with disabilities. (Image courtesy of AbleNet, Inc.,
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The resolution pointed out that 90 percent of those who need assistive technology do not have access to it, thereby having a significant adverse impact on the education, livelihood, health and well-being of individuals, and on families, communities and societies.
The resolution further called for providing the necessary technical and capacity-building support for member states, aligned with national priorities, in the development of national assistive technology policies and programmes, including procurement and financing, regulation, training for health and social services, appropriate service delivery, and inclusive barrier-free environments.
According to estimates, the global market for elderly and disabled assistive devices projected to cross $26 billion by 2024, indicating the growing role of assistive technology toward empowering those with disabilities.
The agreement was to co-operate and help students with different abilities through the provision of assistive technology and strengthen the number of support teachers in Qatar.
On the plus side, hardware and software increasingly include assistive technology features as standard items.
In Brazil's national political scenario, the first ideas concerning assistive technology were published under the term "technical help" in Law no.
Although this is not a new concept, the use of assistive technology in the classroom and home is still burgeoning in the Middle East.
The cost of assistive technology decreases as much as it profits to students with hearing loss (Wald, 2009).
The 21-minute introductory training module covers the basics of assistive technology alternative input, products, and resources available for use in the workplace.
The agreement was signed during the Gulf Assistive Technology Research Forum held in Doha recently.
The focus of the guide is on the role of assistive technology (AT) during those times--how to consider a child's evolving AT needs, how to identify and address the AT issues that will arise as a child makes a transition, and how to develop and implement an AT transition plan.

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