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The property of an operator that says whether a sequence of three or more expressions combined by the operator will be evaluated from left to right (left associative) or right to left (right associative). For example, in Perl, the lazy and operator && is left associative so in the expression:

$i >= 0 && $x[$i] >= 0 && $y[$x[$i]] == 0

the left-most && is evaluated first, whereas = is right associative, so in

$a = $b = 42

the right-most assignment is performed first.
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Associativity of skew semigroup ring is considered in section 3 where our main theorem is proved.
Tomo Therapy's primary need for 3D involved associativity between different drawings, components and assemblies.
The associativity of length task examined children's ability to conserve addition (Piaget, Coll, & Marti, 1987).
SURFCAM users can also take advantage of the SURFCAM tutorials to learn more about SURFCAM and SolidWorks associativity on http://www.
Since CAMWorks is embedded within Solid Edge and takes full advantage of synchronous technology, users will be able to make rapid 'on-the-fly' edits to any CAD file in the machining environment, with full model-to-tool-path associativity.
Marborough, MA, shows engineers want a consistent user interface for mechanical computer aided design--MCAD--and computational fluid dynamics--CFD--software as well as associativity between analysis data and MCAD model.
The new edition of thinkiD DesignXpressions(TM) brings with it full associativity and builds on think3's Target Driven Design(TM) approach to free designers from technology constraints of traditional computer-based systems.
With the latest release of SURFCAM 2003, Surfware offers full associativity throughout its manufacturing software.
Algor announces that its InCAD technology for direct CAD/CAE data exchange now includes full associativity with each design change for Autodesk Inventor, Pro/Engineer, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks.
With 3-D solid modeling, so-called associativity of features in the model means that changes are automatically propagated throughout the design by the software's built-in intelligence.
SURFCAM also supports full associativity with SolidWorks 2011 parts, assemblies, sketches and configurations and includes over 200 Post Processors for major CNC machine manufacturers.

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