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The property of an operator that says whether a sequence of three or more expressions combined by the operator will be evaluated from left to right (left associative) or right to left (right associative). For example, in Perl, the lazy and operator && is left associative so in the expression:

$i >= 0 && $x[$i] >= 0 && $y[$x[$i]] == 0

the left-most && is evaluated first, whereas = is right associative, so in

$a = $b = 42

the right-most assignment is performed first.
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Please, note that the concept of associativity employed in our protocol is distinct from the one employed in ABR.
Associativity of skew semigroup ring is considered in section 3 where our main theorem is proved.
Tomo Therapy's primary need for 3D involved associativity between different drawings, components and assemblies.
Figure 6 presents BTB misprediction rates on single-thread execution for size and associativity values closed to the Alpha 21264 BTB topology.
The associativity of length task examined children's ability to conserve addition (Piaget, Coll, & Marti, 1987).
The inclusion of associativity in CAD software is significant for two reasons.
The Multi-CAD application system has integrated functionality including associativity between users of different systems and a geometric checking and validation process to ensure the integrity of the data is preserved when brought into the system and exported.
In addition, CAMWorks' associativity accelerates new product development by automatically updating manufacturing models with design changes.
It offers full data associativity and shares a user interface with that program.
The single-window user interface and associativity between the CAD model and NC tool path provides a short learning curve according to the manufacturer, and an efficient flow from the 3D design model to the machined part.
This product provides two-way associativity between dimensioning and tolerancing annotations, geometrical elements, and features.
announces that its fluid flow--analysis software now includes full CAD/CAE associativity supported by the capability to produce fast, hybrid (bricks on the model surface and tetrahedral inside) FEA (finite-element analysis) meshes for fluid domains defined in the leading CAD solid modelers.

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