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see rhymerhyme
or rime,
the most prominent of the literary artifices used in versification. Although it was used in ancient East Asian poetry, rhyme was practically unknown to the ancient Greeks and Romans.
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(1) Repetition of similar vowel sounds in a line, strophe, or sentence.

(2) Imperfect rhyme; the accord between the endings of two or more verse lines in which the vowels coincide but there is greater freedom of the consonants—for example, krasivaia—neugasimaia; kliauze—mauzer. Assonance is one of the most important elements of medieval poetry, especially in the Romance languages. Nineteenth-century Russian poets rarely used assonance. It was revived by the symbolists and is widely used in contemporary Soviet poetry.

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the use of the same vowel sound with different consonants or the same consonant with different vowels in successive words or stressed syllables, as in a line of verse. Examples are time and light or mystery and mastery
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The only shard of purposeful-sounding assonance in the first half of the concert comes when Sde puts aside the nai and picks up his clarinet -- a beast big enough to allow the player to bend its notes to the maqam's quarter tones.
The texts that Tz'utujil songmen improvise in the bix rxin nawal have been shown to share versification and rhythmic patterns, as well as the use of onomatopoeia, alliteration, and assonance with poetic passages of the Popol Vuh, placing the song texts within the tradition of written Mayan Literature.
The final segment is more complex, the mirroring effect occurring in part through two instances of assonance involving different sounds.
Ivins); (6) this might account for the large 1D overlap with the pejorative/diminutive complex, since a plant image would be naturally 1D, like the [br.sub.1]- assonance (1D Connected: brush, branch, briar, bramble, etc.; see Lawler, "Women, Men"), and a shrub is a diminutive plant.
I do retain rhyme, or at best assonance, only where this does not interfere with other qualities.
Also always sung are the romances in Cervantes' entremeses, as well as the romances in his Novelas ejemplares--three in "La gitanilla," and two in "La ilustre fregona"--with the exception of Preciosa's recited one, "Hermosita, hermosita." With regard to the author's poesias sueltas, there is only one romance: the 60-line poem titled "Los celos," which begins "Yace donde el sol se pone" (e-a assonance).
In solitary quiet, readers can hear sounds at their best, cherishing in the mouth all the possibilities of consonance and assonance, long vowel and short, as well as the dance of syntax which is rhythm.
Umit Dhuga's attractive fondness for plotting and place-names in other of his poems than "Curtains" gives his work some of the drawing power of narrative without sacrificing the pithiness of lyric, a pithiness most brilliantly on display in the least plotted of his poems, "Curtains." A single long, sinuous sentence, artfully enjambed and rich with assonance, "Curtains" suggests a good deal more than it says, not least because the verb in the opening lines gives the dubious flavor of the conditional to the entire poem.
It mainly relies on alliteration and assonance. In this way, the author succeeds in giving readers vivid detail for our imagination to work with.
Ringler's translations are largely faithful, ingenious, and highly attentive to the alliteration and assonance effects which are crucial to Icelandic poetry.
Whereupon the Deputy Premier displayed his command of alliteration - or should that be assonance? - by referring to "the Right Honourable Member for Skipton and Ripton."
We're concentrating on the sound of our voice, the rhythm, the tone, the assonance or consonance we might be using, the alliteration or the onomatopoeic phrasing we might throw into our discourse, rapidly the riffles are rattling in the Tory Party!