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see rhymerhyme
or rime,
the most prominent of the literary artifices used in versification. Although it was used in ancient East Asian poetry, rhyme was practically unknown to the ancient Greeks and Romans.
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(1) Repetition of similar vowel sounds in a line, strophe, or sentence.

(2) Imperfect rhyme; the accord between the endings of two or more verse lines in which the vowels coincide but there is greater freedom of the consonants—for example, krasivaia—neugasimaia; kliauze—mauzer. Assonance is one of the most important elements of medieval poetry, especially in the Romance languages. Nineteenth-century Russian poets rarely used assonance. It was revived by the symbolists and is widely used in contemporary Soviet poetry.


the use of the same vowel sound with different consonants or the same consonant with different vowels in successive words or stressed syllables, as in a line of verse. Examples are time and light or mystery and mastery
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Rimes, on the other hand, possibly because there are far more of them (480) (11) than assonances (67), only rarely approach the coherence levels of assonances, and have a much broader range of variation.
1]- (liquid/solid interface: slush, sleet, slather, slime) and dr- assonances (liquid: drink, drip, drool, dry).
In solitary quiet, readers can hear sounds at their best, cherishing in the mouth all the possibilities of consonance and assonance, long vowel and short, as well as the dance of syntax which is rhythm.
They dance, the colors, they balance, each cradling proportions of the other, moving without notice, coming together gently, like love, like living is meant to be, a fragile beauty wrapped in warm light, cool breezes, each one eases across a rectangular sky, as close as the mouth to the eye, no translation, free speech, agile assonances sweep subtle melodies around vertical floors, in uniform ways geometry plays, stays like sweet memories of your only true love inside each frame, every unspoken word falls like a whisper, every thought calls you by name, as if, you are no longer, never were, strangers.
He may also be disoriented by some of the equations which are based solely on (often remote) assonances and which ignore the geographical reality of the corresponding places.
But complex ideas and assonances matter, too, and that is why I am loyal to my alphabet.
Over a period of thirty or forty minutes, what you get is an unaccompanied song, five or six minutes of fairly rhetorical speech - rhetorical in the sense of using poetic devices, a more rhythmic, more metric kind - not usually rhymed, but often using assonances and dissonances and alliteration, and other poetic and rhetorical devices in the tradition of preaching.