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The p-value (sig.) for item D for the Levene's test is .043, it is below .05, hence, we cannot assume equal variances, and the t value is 1.87.
18% Agree to assume her care as long as the hospital's attorney and risk management team indemnify you
Authoritarian leaders assume that the pastor must be the "mover," must initiate and promote programs.
You may have no alternative but to assume dictatorial powers," Lippmann had told FDR during a visit to Warm Springs on February 1, before the crisis escalated.
To make matters worse, assume that the audited client had a high profile in a sensitive industry.
The new code also altered the obligations of bankrupt commercial tenants after they assume a lease.
A: There is no real good way to determine the age of a tree, other than actually counting the annual rings on the stump, but even that assumes solid wood all the way to the core.
<pre> Exhibit 2 Deferred Tax Accounting for ISOs With Disqualifying Disposition Assume XYZ Corp.
One reason we are facing the tyranny of the federal judiciary is that too many federal judges assume that their jurisdiction and their expertise are unlimited.
DESC, in turn, will assume full ownership of the transmission and aftermarket gasket operations in which it currently holds a 51% interest.
As they assume new roles their influence (leadership capacity) expands.