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Mrs Grace Adekoya, an assistant director, public health nursing officer at UCH, Ibadan stressed the need to keep substances with a strong smell like detergents away from the living area to prevent asthmatic attacks.
Asthmatic children and their caregivers who fulfilled the eligibility criteria were included.
The severity of situation can be imagined by the death rate of asthmatic patients during and after intense exacerbation of asthmatic attacks which were preventable up to some extent, but ended up with lack of immediate provision of emergency medical care.
In our previous study, we found that asthmatic patients with rs37973 mutant genotype had diminished ICS response and less improvement in GLCCI1 expression.[16] However, the association between GLCCI1 expression and the response of ICS is only a statistical speculation.
Dr Javed said that the children whose diets were low in vegetables and vitamin E were two to three times more likely to develop asthmatic symptoms than other children irrespective of other factors such as family size, affluence and parental smoking.
Experimental animals were randomly divided into two groups: normal control and asthmatic model, with 6 mice in each group.
Reduce exposure to common allergens during the sandstorms that may provoke asthmatic attacks.
Airway remodeling in asthma is closely associated with persistent and severe asthmatic symptoms and airway hyperresponsiveness.
We have recently demonstrated that volume changes of severe asthmatic lungs are preferentially smaller near basal regions and the smaller volume changes are compensated with air-volume change in apical regions [12].
In addition, IL-4 and IL-13 can stimulate mucus hyperproduction in tracheal epithelial cells, which would obstruct the airway in asthmatic patients [7].
Consistent with the previous studies, the percentage of Treg cells in the asthmatic group was lower than that in healthy group ((7.24 [+ or -] 2.49)% versus (11.13 [+ or -] 1.82)%, p < 0.01, Figures 1(a) and 1(b)).
HYDERABAD -- The increasing air pollution and dust put the number of allergic asthmatic patients high in urban populace of Hyderabad and there is the need of formation of effective strategy to control air pollution.