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The mineral composition of granites is evidently peralkaline from mineralogical point of view, manifested not only by the alkaline composition of their amphiboles and the perthitic one-feldspar character, but by the occurrence of symptomatic alkali granite rare accessory minerals as astrophyllite and plumbomicrolite and by special zircone habit with very short prismatic form as well.
Natrolite in the cavities is overgrown by calcite, fluorite, barytocalcite, podlesnoite, astrophyllite and, in minor amounts, burbankite, lemmleinite-K and fluorapophyllite.
There were a lot of fine minerals represented, from astrophyllite to zircon, all self-collected and all in fine condition.
Associated minerals are: natrolite, aegirine, microcline, catapleiite, fluorapatite, titanite, fluorite, galena, sphalerite, strontianite, annite, astrophyllite, lorenzenite, labuntsovite-Mn, kuzmenkoite-Mn, cerite-(Ce), edingtonite, ilmenite and calcite.
The principal rock of the Warsak igneous complex is a medium-grained, gneissic alkaline granite (Kempe, 1973) composed of microcline with minor albite, quartz, aegirine, riebeckite and astrophyllite.
Occurrence: At Rasvumchorr, in veinlets cross-cutting natrolite of ristscorrite pegmatite; associated minerals are: microcline, aegirine, annite, astrophyllite, magnetite, fluorapatite, pyrophanite, thomsonite-Ca, etc.
Associated minerals at Nanna are aegirine, astrophyllite, analcime, calcio-ancylite-(Ce), catapleiite, fluorite, galena, gibbsite, leucophanite, microcline, natrolite, nafertisite, orthoclase, polylithionite, sodalite (var.
There were aegirine crystals with oddly clubbed ends; pale pink, blocky ancylite crystals; spiky balls of calcite; very complicated, water-clear crystals of an unknown mineral; tiny, resinous brown crystals of a second mineral showing a hexagonal pyramid termination, and pale brown sprays that were obviously astrophyllite.
Relationship to other species: It is a member of the astrophyllite group, specifically the K-Mn-Nb-dominant member.
The syenite pegmatites contain calcium catapleiite, titanium-rich lavenite, lorenzenite, cesium-rich astrophyllite, kupletskite, pyrophanite, leucophanite, strontium-apatite, loparite, calcium-rich seidozerite, strontium-rich and zirconium-rich perrierite, brookite, landauite, murataite, polylithionite, brewsterite, chabazite, monazite, ancylite, bertrandite, vlasovite, hambergite.
Among the species identified from the material collected there were rhodochrosite, mangan-neptunite, natrolite, aegirine, serandite, eudialyte and astrophyllite.