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4, b, it is intended to test the hypothesis of constant friction torque accepted in the case of dry friction pairs for the symmetrical rotor; if the assumption is confirmed, it allows for finding the coefficient of sliding friction from the rotation pair, parameter required for the simulation of the asymmetric rotor motion.
Ma, "Quasimodes instability analysis of uncertain asymmetric rotor system based on 3D solid element model," Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol.
Energy efficiency is achieved through compression elements based on patented asymmetric rotor profiles, which reduce volumetric losses.
The tip of the pentagon is occupied by an aldehyde group (a carbon atom bound to one hydrogen atom and--through a double bond--an oxygen atom), which acts as an asymmetric rotor blade.
Energy efficiency in the new GA range is achieved through, among other things, state-of-the-art compression elements based on Atlas Copco's patented asymmetric rotor profiles, which significantly reduce volumetric losses.
These pumps feature shaft mounted asymmetric rotors shaped like a 'claw' and these claws rotate in opposite directions within a chamber and are synchronised by gears.
Topics addressed include vibration analysis, free lateral response of simple rotor models, finite element modeling, free lateral response of complex systems, forced lateral response and critical speeds, asymmetric rotors and other sources of instability, balancing, axial and torsional vibration, and more complex rotordynamic models.
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