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a. track and field events
b. (as modifier): an athletics meeting
2. sports or exercises engaged in by athletes
3. the theory or practice of athletic activities and training



(1) The art of developing strength, agility, and other qualities through physical exercise. In modern physical training the term “athletics” is used only in the categories of light athletics and heavy athletics. However, athletics is a part of almost every sport in one form or another.

(2) A form of circus art that includes exercises demanding strength and agility. In the early 19th century circus performances began to include acts demonstrating feats of strength. In the USSR the genre of athletics has been used in the circus since the 1930’s. Athletic acts are built on the best achievements of Soviet sport. The greatest Soviet athletes include N. Zherebtsov, G. Novak, V. Khertsa, and the NeUpovich brothers.

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com)-- Gary Reed announced today the public launch of the Reed Athletics Fund, the first non-profit of its kind, founded and funded by a Canadian Olympian.
Under this programme, John McFadzean, a qualified UK Athletics coach and Holmfirth Harriers AC Youth Development Officer is going into local schools introducing the youngsters to the fundamentals of athletics using the recently launched Athletics 365 scheme which is fully supported by England Athletics and UK Athletics.
UKA chief executive Niels de Vos said: "It will be the first major athletics event in Great Britain after the 2012 London Olympics and I am sure the event will develop, promote and foster athletics in Europe, and further raise the profile of the sport on the continent.
Many of those athletes are on scholarships, and many of those scholarships are funded with money raised by the athletics department.
Rent paid by UK Athletics to occupy offices under a new 5,000-seat stand has been pencilled in to meet repayments on an pounds 11 million loan taken out by the council to improve the stadium and increase the maximum seating capacity to 25,000.
European Athletics president Hansjorg Wirz said keeping the track was vital to inspire a new generation of British athletes.
West Cheshire AC chairman Dennis Wall said: "Everyone at West Cheshire AC conveys their best wishes and congratulations to John who richly deserves the recognition from Northern Athletics.
UK Athletics has said that Dwain Chambers might have been using the whole process for his own ends by returning suddenly to the sport, and spending time away from athletics to pursue a career in American football.
During his time with UK Athletics, Jones was coach to seven Olympic Teams - and head coach for the last two summer Olympics.
Most coaches, athletes, and parents would not argue about the personal development opportunities afforded by interscholastic athletics.
The Coalition for Intercollegiate Athletics that was held at Vanderbilt in January 2005;