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1. a specialist attached to a diplomatic mission
2. Brit a junior member of the staff of an embassy or legation



(1) First diplomatic rank. According to the laws of almost all states this rank is conferred by an order of the minister of foreign affairs upon officials of diplomatic missions and departments of foreign affairs having work experience of from two to three years.

(2) Army, naval, and air attaches are officials of a diplomatic mission who represent the branches of service of their own country corresponding to those of the host state, and who render aid to the diplomatic representative on all military questions. With regard to their status, such military attaches are equal to diplomats; they are members of the staff of the diplomatic corps and enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunities.

(3) Commercial (trade), financial, agricultural, scientific and technical, and fishery attaches are members of the diplomatic staff of the diplomatic mission who carry out special functions in specific fields of foreign relations. They are officials with special knowledge, are capable of thoroughly understanding the complicated economics of the modern state and of analyzing the causes of the various actions of a government and the possible prospects for the development of political and economic relations of the host country with the accrediting country and also with other states. They enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunities. Within the diplomatic missions of the USSR abroad there are no commercial attachés, since all questions of trade are handled by trade delegations of the USSR.

(4) Cultural attachés are members of the diplomatic staff of diplomatic missions who handle questions concerning the development of cultural ties with the host country and gather information about the cultural life of the country. They also assist in demonstrating the cultural achievements of their own country within the host country. They enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunities.

(5) Press attachés are officials of the diplomatic mission who have expertise in matters of the press. Their functions are to compile surveys of the press of the host country and to inform their own government about this, to organize and carry out press conferences, and to inform the local press concerning their own country. Press attachés have diplomatic rank and enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunities.

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The attache has meanwhile underlined the importance of the relations between the two counties, saying lots of work awaits him and promised to do his level best to boost them, to complete the process of the engagement plan between the Sudan and the United States of America.
The military attache plays a key role as an adviser to the ambassador and his staff.
The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry recently proposed moving all special attaches to its jurisdiction, however, other ministries opposed.
Ampro relies on Attache for their accounting and sales intelligence, which is fully integrated with a specialist order fulfilment system.
The attache added that the warning is not only for Omanis studying in the UK but also students in other European countries.
Qadir whishing him success on assuming new role as commercial attache at Pakistan's Consulate General in Dubai, praising the depth of the relationship between the two countries.
Bulgaria has one more agricultural attache, Svetoslav Simeonov, who was sent to Brussels in early 2011.
With a proper business plan, the trade attache could be paid 10 per cent of the net profit registered by the Bulgarian company he or she helped.
Iranian attaches are also supposed to try and keep the basic job opportunities for Iranian labors.
Both GASC and private sector importers will have to purchase non-Russian wheat at significantly higher prices than those prevailing even a week ago," the attache said.
The guidelines for labour attache appointments say that officials should fulfill certain requirements like having good knowledge of the English language, experience in labour issues and knowledge of the local language of the country where he/she is to be posted.
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