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[USA], Dec 04 ( ANI ): Turns out, alcohol consumption may attenuate long-term weight loss in adults with Type 2 diabetes.
Therapeutic methods referred to modulate the activation of PMNs, such as specific inhibitor of neutrophil elastase (NE)-N-[2-[4-(2,2-dimethyl-1-oxopropoxy) phenyl] sulfonyl] amino] benzoyl]-(S)-glycine monosodium salt (Sivelestat) administration, [sup][6] macrophage inflammatory protein 2 (MIP-2) (one of PMN chemotactic factors) receptor knockout [sup][7] are seemed to attenuate the severity of VILI.
Holinka et al., "A partial deletion in non-structural protein 3A can attenuate foot-and-mouth disease virus in cattle," Virology, vol.
(2003) proposed a shifted hyperbola approach to attenuate split or diffracted multiples in CMP gathers.
Attenuate already has been employed for a naval client to help achieve critical silence in the seas, but the material also has applications for numerous other industries, including automotive, shipbuilding, and rail transportation.
Jane Marie Todd did the best she could to attenuate Fumaroli's vitriol (420), but it bears no apparent relationship to his principal argument, and so relies on the same sort of unquestioned unanimity among his readers which he so eloquently charges Louis the Great and his agents with instilling in his subjects.
Anti-ICAM-1 antibody has been shown to attenuate damage in the brain, heart, kidney, and other tissues where ICAM-1 plays a critical role in ischemia-induced damage.
A number of federal and provincial government programs such as universal health care, unemployment insurance and old age security, are designed to address social disparities, and they may well attenuate the effects of the regional social context.
Air currents from resin movement in and out of the tank can attenuate the return signal.
We theorized that a Src kinase inhibitor, in addition to hypothermia, would further attenuate the activation of CaM kinase IV and that the result might be less brain damage," explained lead author Panagiotis Kratimenos.
We have previously reported that fucoxanthin can inhibit acetylcholinesterase in vitro and attenuate scopolamine-induced cognitive impairments in mice, therefore suggesting that fucoxanthin might be useful to treat AD [9].
Furthermore, activation of skeletal muscle stem cells by resistance exercise may attenuate sarcopenia in two ways.