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Logic the property, quality, or feature that is affirmed or denied concerning the subject of a proposition





a dependent member of a sentence grammatically subordinated to a substantive (or noun in languages without grammatical differentiation of nouns) and indicating a characteristic of an object, phenomenon, and the like.

An attribute may be (in Russian, German, Latin, many other Indo-European languages, Arabic, and Bantu, for example) in agreement (bol’shoi gorod, “big city”; nash sad, “our garden”) or nonagreement (dom s mezoninom, “house with an attic”; German, das Buch des Genossen, “the comrade’s book”). In some languages (Semitic, Turkic, and others), the addition of an attribute (corresponding to a Russian attribute in the genitive case) to a noun requires morphological changes in the dependent word (called postpositional attributive construction). Apposition is a special kind of attribution.


(computer science)
A data item containing information about a variable.
A characteristic of computer-generated characters, such as underline, boldface, or reverse image.


A named value or relationship that exists for some or all instances of some entity and is directly associated with that instance.

Examples include the href attribute of an HTML anchor element, the columns of a database table considered as attributes of each row, and the members (properties and methods of an object in OOP. This contrasts with the contents of some kind of container (e.g. an array), which are typically not named. The contents of an associative array, though they might be considered to be named by their key values, are not normally thought of as attributes.


(1) In relational database management, a field within a record.

(2) In object technology, a single element of data. See instance attribute and static attribute.

(3) For printers and display screens, a characteristic that changes a font, for example, from normal to bold or underlined, or from normal to reverse video.

(4) In an XML document, a sub element defined within an element. In the following example, GENDER and AGE are attributes within the PERSON element:

(5) A file access classification that determines how a file is retrieved, erased or backed up. See file attribute.
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Section 302(e)(2) provides that the "not essentially equivalent to a dividend" requirement will be satisfied if the distribution is a distribution of a "qualified business" (or is attributable to the distributing corporation's ceasing to conduct a "qualified business"), and the distributing corporation continues to be actively engaged in a "qualified business" immediately after the distribution.
Nonpunitive damages for nonphysical injuries to the extent of the amount paid for medical care attributable to emotional distress.
Except for tax shelter items, an understatement may be reduced by the portion thereof that is attributable to an item supported by substantial authority.
Such "hot interest" is to be assessed without regard to whether any delay in the payment of the underlying tax liability is attributable to the taxpayer or the IRS.
94-76, a profit-sharing plan may permit the immediate distribution of amounts attributable to a rollover.
Qualified temporary investment interest includes any income from stock or debt attributable to the temporary investment of new capital received within one year after the REIT received the capital.
This tax sharing methodology is disturbing, for it undermines the goal of, and violates the principles underlying, the Code's normalization rules - to ensure that the tax benefits attributable to non-utility assets achieve their intended purpose rather than to subsidize ratepayers.
This increased production volume created approximately 56% of the Company's total revenue increase, with the remaining 44% of the total revenue increase being attributable to higher oil prices in 2006.
NatWest argued that the treaty, as supported by its legislative history, required that the branch's books be used to determine the taxable profits attributable to the branch as if it were separate and distinct from its parent.
Section 6662 imposes a 20% accuracy-related penalty on any portion of a tax underpayment attributable to one or more of the following types of misconduct:
This "loss disallowance rule" far exceeded the scope of the regulations taxpayers had been led to anticipate by Notice 87-14, which promised only to deny an increase in stock basis attributable to recognized built-in gains in order ot prevent circumvention of the repeal of the General utilities doctrine.
The announcement indicated that Goldman Sachs intended to implement this modification to the GSCI over the period from August to October, 2006, with one-third of the portion of the GSCI attributable to the HU contract being rolled into the RB contract during each of the months in that period.