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Logic the property, quality, or feature that is affirmed or denied concerning the subject of a proposition
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a dependent member of a sentence grammatically subordinated to a substantive (or noun in languages without grammatical differentiation of nouns) and indicating a characteristic of an object, phenomenon, and the like.

An attribute may be (in Russian, German, Latin, many other Indo-European languages, Arabic, and Bantu, for example) in agreement (bol’shoi gorod, “big city”; nash sad, “our garden”) or nonagreement (dom s mezoninom, “house with an attic”; German, das Buch des Genossen, “the comrade’s book”). In some languages (Semitic, Turkic, and others), the addition of an attribute (corresponding to a Russian attribute in the genitive case) to a noun requires morphological changes in the dependent word (called postpositional attributive construction). Apposition is a special kind of attribution.

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(computer science)
A data item containing information about a variable.
A characteristic of computer-generated characters, such as underline, boldface, or reverse image.
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A named value or relationship that exists for some or all instances of some entity and is directly associated with that instance.

Examples include the href attribute of an HTML anchor element, the columns of a database table considered as attributes of each row, and the members (properties and methods of an object in OOP. This contrasts with the contents of some kind of container (e.g. an array), which are typically not named. The contents of an associative array, though they might be considered to be named by their key values, are not normally thought of as attributes.
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(1) A file access classification. See file attribute and archive attribute.

(2) In relational database management, an attribute is a field within a record (column within a row). See relational database.

(3) In object technology, an attribute is a single element of data. See instance attribute and static attribute.

(4) For printers and screens, an attribute is a characteristic that changes a font, for example, from normal to boldface or underlined. See font characteristics.

(5) In an XML document, an attribute is a sub-element defined within an element. In the following example, GENDER and AGE are attributes within the PERSON element. See XML.

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For simplicity, we use a fuzzy attribute value contradiction degree function (c as above, that we may denote by [c.sub.F] in order to distinguish it from the next two), but an intuitionistic attribute value contradiction function ([c.sub.IF]: VxV [right arrow] [[0, i].sup.2]), or more general a neutrosophic attribute value contradiction function ([c.sub.N]: VxV[right arrow] [[0, i].sup.3]) may be utilized increasing the complexity of calculation but the accuracy as well.
We mostly compute the contradiction degree between uni-dimensional attribute values.
The teacher asked Karen whether she wants to leave the three cards she had chosen for the measurable attribute, weight.
T-structure: Make a T-shape from construction paper with two titles: Measurable Attribute and Unit of Measurement (Figure 7).
ROOSTER: ATTRIBUTE: Constancy BORN: 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969 THIS YEAR: The things you planned to do last year come to fruition.
DOG: ATTRIBUTE: Fidelity BORN: 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970 THIS YEAR: Happiness is within reach - you just need to use all your past accomplishments to nail the oportunities to come.
The problem left is to propose an approach to determining the attribute weights based on integrating the interval decision matrix and the experts' preference information on attributes in the formats of preference orderings, linguistic terms, interval numbers, and inequality constraints among them, as stated in Table 1.
Determining Attribute Weights Based on the Experts' Preference Information.
For the ordinal numerical attribute, it is divided three steps: (1) we sort and divide the values of attribute A into set {M_1, M_2, ..., M_100}, also known as percentile [41, 42].
This kind of problem can be solved using the modern techniques like the generation of attributes derived from seismic data, which could be connected physically to the reservoir properties(Khan et al.,1986).
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The user's personal information I is encrypted by the key of each attribute groups i apart into several versions C([[I.sub.i]]) = ([I.sub.i] + [P.sub.i] x [R.sub.i]) mod [N.sub.i].