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That part of a theater, school, or public building which is set aside for the audience for listening and viewing.
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The AUD 565m ($385m) nine-year contract still has two and a half more years to run, and covers outsourcing of mainframes, wide area networks, local area networks, and workstations.
Fans leaving the Aud for the last time will raise one hand to their lips and kiss goodbye - and for some, good riddance - to another Great Depression project.
More than 1,500 students have graduated from AUD because of scholarships carrying the name of Shaikh Mohammad.
White Envelops 10"x4 V" (without window) Printed with AUD name & logo (as per sample)
Attending the meeting were Jamal bin Huwaireb Managing Director of MBRF, Sultan Lootah Vice-President of MBRF, Elias Bou Sb Executive Vice-President of AUD, Ali Jaber Dean of MBRSC and Peggy Awad, Director of External Relations at AUD.
Students were also led by Student Orientation Leaders on an on-campus tour, and then visited their respective schools and faculties, after having gathered in the Auditorium to hear welcome speeches by the AUD President, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, and the Student Services Team.
AUD is officially licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the United Arab Emirates.
At the initial visit, women with AUD had the most severe intrusive symptoms--indicated by an average CAPS score of about 26.
Brad Howell, CEO of ICAP Australia, said: As Global Regulatory directives drive changes to market structure we are constantly looking at ways to enhance service provision to our AUD client base in interest rate derivatives.
The AUD is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Commission on Colleges (COC) to award Bachelor's and Master's degrees.
On behalf of AUD governing board we are pleased to announce that over Dh32m of academic scholarships will be awarded this coming year to attract and provide for students from around the world to attend our university," announced Dr.