audio adapter

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audio adapter

[‚ȯd·ē·ō ə′dap·tər]
(computer science)
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sound card

Also called a "sound board" or "audio adapter," it is a plug-in card that records and plays back sound. Supporting both digital audio and MIDI, sound cards provide an input port for a microphone or other sound source and output ports to speakers and amplifiers. Sound circuits are typically built into the chipset on the motherboard, but can be disabled if a separate sound card is installed. See Sound Blaster, AC'97 and HD Audio.

Digital Audio
Digital audio files contain soundwaves converted into digital form. Sound cards convert the digital samples back into analog waves for the speakers using digital signal processing (DSP). See sampling, digital audio and DSP.

MIDI files contain a coded representation of the notes of musical instruments such as middle C on the piano. Taking considerably less space than digital audio, MIDI files require a wavetable synthesizer on the card, which holds digitized samples of the instruments. See MIDI.

Anatomy of a Sound Card
PC sound cards typically have all the components in this picture. Some have only one output, which may be amplified (Amp) or not (Buffer amp). These components may also be built directly into the motherboard. (Illustration courtesy of Peter Hermsen.)

High-End Sound Card
This Audigy card from the Creative Labs Sound Blaster family cables to an external hub that supports surround sound with seven speakers and a subwoofer. It provides a wealth of connections for A/V equipment, including ports for MIDI synthesizers and musical instruments.
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The side handles are where I wrapped the long cable for my XLR audio adapter in to the iPad.
It's got more aviation stuff like GPS, filters and audio adapter cables.
The easy solution to a Mac's lack of an audio-in or a mic-in port is to order a device like an iMic audio adapter for $35 (plus $10 shipping) from Griffin Technology (
The EduQuest Audio Adapter supports all of them, with power to spare.
However, Apple will not be providing a lightning to 3.5mm audio adapter with all the new three models and the other still available iPhones.
For audio, he's experimented with Sennheiser lavs and a Beachtek DXA-5D audio adapter on the camera.
Audiophiles demanding quality sound can replace the USB speakers with Hi-Fi speakers by bridging a supported USB audio adapter in between.
The audio player can be used with the optional Intel Audio Accessory Kit which includes a home stereo dock and car audio adapter.
This audio adapter can also be used to play sound from the installed CD-ROM drive.
The Cam Plus module adds manual camera controls along with a bigger battery, while the Hi-Fi B&O Play audio adapter enhances the audio qualities of the phone.
Computer playback audio is increasingly a consideration for webcasts, and this requires audio adapter cables, often paired with a DI (or Direct Box) in order to minimize ground loops.
It also enhances audio with a HiFi B&O Play audio adapter. The ecosystem also has the LG 360 cam module, a 16MP 360-degree camera that is integrated with Google Street View.