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Micronas, the world's largest DTV audio frequency IC manufacturer with its headoffice based in Switzerland, had a loss of CHF17 million in 2006, and its loss soared to CHF543 million in 2007, which has placed the company on the brink of bankruptcy.
This feature calibrates the audio frequency response from the TV's speakers to improve the sound quality within the listening area, adjusting for room acoustics that can alter the overall sound quality (such as hardwood floors, mirrors, drapes, furniture, etc.
In order to visualize detailed structures within the human body, MRI orchestrates the application of radio frequency (RF), audio frequency and static magnetic fields, the strength of which is measured in Tesla (T) units.
The sub product segments analyzed include Semi-Fixed Variable, Carbon Variable, Carbon Film Fixed, Metal Film Fixed, Metal Oxide Film Fixed, Wire Wound Fixed, Network Resistors, Chip Resistors, Variable, Aluminum Electrolytic Fix, Tantalum Electrolytic Fixed, Ceramic Fixed, Organic Film Fixed, Metallized Organic Film, RFTS & IFTS, Audio Frequency, Power, High Frequency Power, High Voltage, Flyback, Deflection Yokes, Coaxial, Connectors for PCBs, Optical, Relays for Telecom Equipment, Electromagnetic, Toggle, Slide, Rotary, Keyboard, Single Sided Rigid, Double Sided Rigid, Multilayer Rigid, and Flexible.
Ansaldo STS - US&S will supply its MicroLok(R) II-based Seamless Redundant Interlocking System (SRIS) for interlocking control and its AF-900 series audio frequency track circuit for train detection for all mainline track except over-switch.
It includes onboard MOSFET drivers, internal 5V LDO, integrated boot diode and a PWM audio frequency filter.
Tenders are invited for Design, supply, installation, wiring , testing and commissioning of outdoor signaling gears with indoor/outdoor equipments of audio frequency track circuits and multiple section digital axle counters for automatic signaling on 3rd line and bidirectional automatic signaling on middle line on ghaziabad to khurja section of indian railway.