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Pertaining to methods of education and training that make use of both hearing and sight.
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(1) (Audio/Video) Equipment and applications that deal with sound and sight. The A/V world includes microphones, tape and disk recorders, audio mixers, still and video cameras, film projectors, data projectors, slide projectors, VCRs, CD/DVD/Blu-ray players/recorders, amplifiers and speakers. The term originally meant "audio/visual." See also antivirus.

(2) See antivirus and augmented virtuality.

(3) (AV) (Autonomous Vehicle) See self-driving car.

(4) (AV) (Automated Vehicle) See automotive safety systems.
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The minister lauded the French Audio-visual Media Institute's outstanding expertise and highly efficient programmes which will be a considerable addition to achieve the ministry's objectives.
The new setup will continue to lead the development of the professional audio-visual market, as well as leveraging on more competitive products and services.
Managing the licensing procedures for all activities of audio-visual media transmission and content;
The task of reformatting the audio-visual collections requires high expertise and specific equipment.These projects are complex to manage in terms of workload,
(a) To know the perception of the teachers about the need and significance of Audio-Visual Aids in teaching at a higher level of education.
Olly Henderson, of Zero Plus UK, said: "Creating an AV specification for a brand new building such as Big Lottery Fund's new operational centre is the type of contract we are now picking up, as word spreads about our expertise in the latest audio-visual communications systems for the corporate market."
Considering audio-visual equipment is an $18.9 billion market, IHEs represent a large customer base.
Audio-visual equipment supplier Reflex has completed the installation of a boardroom solution that enables conferencing for up to 32 individuals for T-Mobile, a mobile operator.
In addition to the NJEDA-supervised school projects, CIT is engineering and designing audio-visual, telecommunications, LAN/Wireless and security systems for a new 400,000-SF high tech high school in Montgomery Township High School, the state's leading public school district for academic achievement.
A new census of the audio-visual industries shows significant growth in the commercial radio sector.
Film studios have long been established in the nearby Boulogne-Billancourt, but it was not until the construction of the Maison de la Radio during the 1 970s, that the potential f or the transformation of the area into a centre for audio-visual production became apparent.

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