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The science of hearing.



the study of hearing. Audiology studies the condition of a person’s hearing and the causes of deafness and hearing disorder and develops methods for their diagnosis and prophylaxis. The study of the influence of industrial factors (noise, vibration, toxic materials) on the auditory functions and the prophylaxis of these disorders occupies an important place. The practical goal of audiology is to combat deafness. With the development of functional ear surgery, the object of which is the restoration and improvement of hearing, audiology has come to include the study of the advisability of ear operations and the appraisal of their results. The elaboration of methods for combating hearing disorders in children is a special area in audiology— pedaudiology.


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The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association includes tinnitus management in its scope of practice for audiologists [16], which is justified for many reasons [17-18].
Remember again, that the audiologist conducts the hearing test in a soundproof booth, which eliminates all surrounding noises.
We are beyond the need for weekly or monthly audiology, so driving to (Portland) every two to three months to see an experienced audiologist for mapping is worth the time," Monticelli said.
According to information from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), the national professional association for audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech-language and hearing scientists, the median annual salary for certified audiologists (CCC-A) with up to three years experience is $42,000.
HEAR GOES: Hearing audiologist Sheila Owen examines a patient's ear
On the basis of the hearing test results, the audiologist can determine whether hearing aids will help.
An individual ear mold, costing approximately $40, was created, pending physician's order and audiologist recommendations.
For some persons, however, a perception that their hearing loss is worsening or a recommendation by an ear, nose, and throat specialist (otolaryngologist), audiologist, or spouse will facilitate using a hearing aid.
While employed by Starkey Hearing Technologies, he originated and directed the audiology internship program, which more than 150 audiologists, many of whom became leaders in the profession, completed.
Chuah moreover said that a selected audiologist from the firm will be sent abroad to countries like the United States for training.
An online evaluation is no substitute for a thorough examination by an otolaryngologist with comprehensive audiometry performed by a certified audiologist, followed by appropriate testing leading to an accurate diagnosis of hearing impairment.
The typical VA audiologist dispensed the majority of HAs from one brand 67 percent of the time [5].