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The science of hearing.
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the study of hearing. Audiology studies the condition of a person’s hearing and the causes of deafness and hearing disorder and develops methods for their diagnosis and prophylaxis. The study of the influence of industrial factors (noise, vibration, toxic materials) on the auditory functions and the prophylaxis of these disorders occupies an important place. The practical goal of audiology is to combat deafness. With the development of functional ear surgery, the object of which is the restoration and improvement of hearing, audiology has come to include the study of the advisability of ear operations and the appraisal of their results. The elaboration of methods for combating hearing disorders in children is a special area in audiology— pedaudiology.


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Our audiologists are used to operating in people's front rooms as part of our domiciliary service, so they are used to working in tricky situations."
"If nothing else, see an audiologist, have a complete audiologic evaluation, and make the determination whether you need to be seen by another physician to rule out any underlying medical problems," Dr.
He stressed the need to create a seat and appoint a permanent audiologist at ENT ward of Nishtar Hospital which will help patients.
The literature shows few studies [20,21] that address the speech-language pathologist and audiologist profile, either with respect to the labor market, or regarding the fields of work.
Our audiologists are here to offer bespoke advice, so you can manage your hearing loss appropriately."
Taken as a whole, unbundling requires a shift in how audiologists think about price and value.
Patients need to see an audiologist first and an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor.
A Background Briefing investigation has found that even audiologists who don't directly work for manufacturers often receive commissions and other incentives to sell hearing aids to their patients.
They were informed of study enrollment by the examining audiologist and asked whether they would like further information.
Krumenacker, a dispensing audiologist and staff audiologist for a hearing aid manufacturer, offers a training manual for readers preparing for the State Hearing Aid Dispensing Practical Examination to obtain their Hearing Aid Dispensing License, as well as practicing dispensing audiologists and those pursuing careers as ototechs, audioprosthologists, audiology assistants, and otolaryngologists who want to dispense hearing aids from their practice.
Washington, June 24 ( ANI ): An Indian-origin audiologist in the US has warned about the impending dangers to hearing because of loud noise.
A devastating noise trauma, which ended his music career in an instant, inspired Andy Shiach, founder of Advanced Communication Solutions, to train as an audiologist and embark on a mission to educate the public on the importance of looking after their hearing.