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The health care guidance note produced by the Ministry of Health, Aging and the Health and Care of Older People (Envelhecimento e saude da pessoa idosa) (15) recommends the whispered voice test as a screening instrument for testing auditory acuity among older people.
Loss of central inhibition has been hypothesized to underpin tinnitus and impact auditory acuity.
Saunders and Abrams suggested that clinicians note an equally high number of Veterans who perceive hearing difficulties and yet have normal or almost normal auditory acuity [21].
Studies have shown that the connection between sensory and cognitive declines is not the result of reduced visual and auditory acuity during cognitive assessment.
It could be the case that the neural deficit that is observed in dyslexia prevents a proportion of children with visual impairments from developing the tactile sensitivity that is necessary to decode braille and the auditory acuity that is needed to detect frequency modulation in speech, which underlie phonological awareness abilities and are necessary to tackle the partly logographic nature of braille orthography.
If a patient with a normal bone conduction threshold, allowing for the Carhart notch, undergoes surgery, it is likely that any subsequent loss of auditory acuity is due to presbycusis or some other factor.