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in ancient Rome, one of the oldest priestly bodies, which interpreted the will of the gods by means of auspices.

According to ancient Roman tradition, the augurs were established by Romulus. In 300 B.C. they consisted of nine men, five of whom were plebeians, and during Julius Caesar’s time the number of augurs rose to 16. Membership in the augurs was highly valued by Roman aristocrats because it provided opportunities to influence legislation. With the passage of time the augurs’ activity became a merely formal procedure, to the point that, according to Cicero, the augurs themselves could hardly keep from laughing while carrying out the procedure, since they themselves did not believe in it.


Roman officials who interpreted omens. [Rom. Hist.: Parrinder, 34]
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Caesars have always been the victims of defective augurs," I said.
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This augurs well for the market, since more paint additives with various functions will be required to compensate for the reduced amount of solvent applied.
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7 million is 53 percent above the same period last year and augurs for a continued increase in activity over last year and over the first quarter 2006.
Passage of the federal transportation bill in August 2005 augurs well for increased expenditures on highway construction, maintenance, and other infrastructure projects.
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