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Forme latineggianti come auscultate o intemperantia si alternano a forme in volgare, "in lingua etrusca," e a inserti latini (auribus arrectis, lanista "eccitatore, tormentatore," ut aequum est).
Even in the unlikely event that a court rejected auscultation as an acceptable alternative to EFM, a plaintiff attempting to establish liability for the decision to auscultate must still prove that the choice to auscultate was the actual and proximate cause of injury.
Also, physical examination results like neck vein distension, palpate a prominent pulmonic impulse, and auscultate tricuspid regurgitant murmur were accepted as bad prognostic factors.
She was taught how to auscultate her fistula using a stethoscope prior to each cannulation.
You may ask about potentially pertinent medical history, perhaps obtain some basic blood work, auscultate for bowel sound and test for guarding, rebound, etc.
Occurring in conjunction with pericardial effusion, pericarditis may initially auscultate as a friction rub, then progress to a muffled sound as fluid accumulates around the heart.
These decisions are not just confined to the domed Capitol and the Oval Office; they trickle down quickly to the rectangular rooms where you auscultate breath sounds and palpate little abdomens.
Despite being cheap and reliable, a significant shortcoming of a single precordial stethoscope is the inability to auscultate both lung fields.
As echocardiography and other technology for assessing the cardiovascular system have become readily available, physicians' ability to accurately auscultate the heart has diminished.
Staff should auscultate the AVF on a regular basis to note any change in quality of the continuous bruit under the entirety of the AVF along its length.
There is ample evidence of the shabbiness of our ability to accurately describe tympanic membranes and auscultate chests.