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the diagnostic technique in medicine of listening to the various internal sounds made by the body, usually with the aid of a stethoscope



one of the basic methods of examining internal organs by listening to the sound phenomena produced in them. Listening to the heart was first introduced in the second century A.D. by the Greek physician Aretes. The French doctor R. Laënnec (1819) developed the modern method of auscultation by employing for this purpose a “medical tube,” or stethoscope. More frequently a phonen-doscope is used for auscultation. This instrument is a hollow capsule with a sound-transmitting diaphragm that is placed against the body of a patient; rubber tubes connect it to the doctor’s ears.

During auscultation of the lungs one listens for the respiratory noises and the different rales that are characteristic of particular diseases. From the variation of the cardiac tones and the occurrence of noises, the condition of cardiac activity and presence of heart diseases can be ascertained. Arteries may be listened to in order to determine changes in the blood pressure. The presence of peristalsis of the stomach or intestines can be established by auscultation of the abdomen, and in pregnancy the heartbeat of the fetus can be detected.

In veterinary science, auscultation is employed in the diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems of animals. In direct auscultation the investigator places his ear against a sheet or a towel covering the portion of an animal’s body being examined; indirect auscultation is carried out by means of a stethoscope or phonendoscope. Instrumental auscultation was first employed in veterinary science by the Hungarian scientist J. Marek in 1901. In the USSR the auscultation method was perfected by the veterinary scientists K. M. Gol’tsman, N. P. Rukhliadev, A. V. Sinev, A. R. Evgrafov, G. V. Domrachev, V. I. Zaitsev, P. S. Ionov, and I. G. Sharabrin.


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The act of listening to sounds from internal organs, especially the heart and lungs, to aid in diagnosing their physical state.
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There were no more bruits or thrills auscultated from the chest, and clubbing fingers also disappeared.
4,18) The crackles auscultated over the lungs and air sacs of the Amazon parrot in this report were most likely referred noises due to the coelomic effusion.
Difficult, that is, unless negotiation takes place through the voice and its alliance with thought and verbalisation, or unless the neglected potential of the body--this humming, whistling, cracking, snorting, sniffing, dripping, shedding, dropping and spurting, percussive, gnathosonic, auscultated, aerophonically explosive orchestral conglomerate, and not at all inert matter--is revisited.
It was seen that auscultated innocent murmurs when were evaluated according to their age distribution, the murmurs showed an increase, which was correlated to age until 9 years old and a decrease after 9 years old.
The animal should be auscultated for respiratory depth, cardiac rhythm, all valve areas, and any abnormal sounds.
The anterior chest was auscultated and apparently equal breath sounds were heard bilaterally.
Blood pressure was auscultated with manual sphygmomanometers using the first Korotkoff sound as the systolic reading and the fifth Korotkoff sound as the diastolic reading.
BP should be auscultated over the brachial artery pulse using a standard sphygmomanometer and a properly sized cult: Abnormal measurements taken with automated devices should be repeated by auscultation.
Jay Kirk depicts a world in which wild animals "live out an existence under surveillance, on camera, wired for sound, tracked by plane, auscultated weekly, mined for data," and, for all he knows, "probed remotely from outer space.
Heart sounds and breath sounds should be auscultated every 2 hours (Rusy, 1999).
1,3,4) A continuous or pansystolic murmur auscultated over the aberrant vessels may also be appreciated.
22) Wheezing in unforced expiration is a specific finding for airflow obstruction (28); and therefore, more patients in the Hueston trials (21,25) were likely to have had obstruction than in Littenberg and coworkers' study (20) (and since the lungs were auscultated in forced expiration in the latter trial, the actual number with airflow obstruction may have been even less than indicated).