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a branch of ecology devoted to the study of the peculiarities of the reactions of plant and animal species to environmental factors and the way of life of a species.

Autecology includes the ecology of individuals, which considers standard responses to environmental factors, and the ecology of populations, which studies intraspecific organization. Autecology contrasts with synecology, which studies the life of communities (different species of animals, plants, and microorganisms). The most important problem in autecology is the study of the dynamics of animal populations and the biomass of organisms of a particular species.


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The species received some research attention in the 1970s, but the autecological study went unpublished (Huxley 1982).
It is complete in its approach and does not suffer the illusion that it is anything other than a hypothesis generating autecological paper.
In this sense, the main question of this study is which abiotic and autecological factors appear to influence the range size of bromeliad species and of the communities they form.
However, the resprouter-versus-reseeder fire-response dichotomy provides an opportunity to compare and contrast autecological strategies between co-occurring, congeneric pairs of species that differ predominantly in the way they respond to fire.
An autecological study of Palicourea riparia Benth.