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Burke returns to the authorship question in Fellini's later films in his 1996 book Fellini's Films: From Postwar to Postmodern, and he tries to reach more nuanced conclusions on a Fellini divided between high-modernist, auteurist attitudes and a filmmaking practice that puts those attitudes into question.
Auteurist associations entered into discourses surrounding Rodriguez very early as the attention to him was based on the perception that the filmmaker stood out as far better than the film itself.
Auteurist approaches to understanding cinema remain both alluring and powerful.
The taste and ideas of these auteurists, when subsequently imported to America, taught people here to respect Sam Fuller, Nicholas Ray and (eventually) John Carpenter.
As The New Yorker's Louis Menand and film historian Erik Barnouw have noted, the documentary may emit whiffs of observational objectivity, but the history of its own creation points out the lie: The documentary's past is littered with bossy opining, sound engineering, set-piece sleight of hand, and all around auteurist meddling.
Marcus's book focused on adaptations of Italian literary texts in post-war cinema, and her framework was also an explicitly auteurist one, based on the premise that "post-war Italian film history is largely auteurist" (Marcus x).
Her favorite take on the subject, consistent with her longtime auteurist tendencies, involved director Alfred Hitchcock.
But with the spicily-witty dialogue, character coded costumes, in jokes, Huppert hamming up the amateur-dramatics magnificently as the neurotic Augustine and Deneuve and Ardant rolling round the floor in a catfight, only the dourest of auteurist diehards won't find much to enjoy.
To her admirers, Olympia and Triumph of the Will are works of auteurist power, innovation, and beauty; to her critics, they are propaganda for a murderous regime.
Hollywood Ending centrally reaffirms the value of auteurist film-making.
to balance attention to the chronological development of auteurist cinema in Spain since the 1950s .
And somehow, unlike most American-built auteurist collages, the piece didn't strike me as pretentious - but, like I said, I was in a good mood that last night in Montreal.