authentication token

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authentication token

(1) A USB key or app in a smartphone that provides a second authentication mechanism. See two-factor authentication.

(2) A security device given to authorized users in order to log in to a network. The security "token," "card" or "key" may be read like a credit card, or it may display a changing code that is typed in as the password or in addition to a primary password. Security codes generated in real time can also be created entirely in software as "soft tokens." USB drives that plug into the computer's USB port are also very popular as security tokens. See SecurID card, challenge/response, authentication and security protocol.

YubiKey Security Key
Yubico makes a variety of USB-based authentication tokens, including FIPS 140-2 validation. (Image courtesy of Yubico,
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An elaborate scheme is to generate a chain of authentication tokens locally at MN so that MN is not required to send a token to CN in each handoff.
It's futile as, without the authentication token, he can't get past the welcome screen to the veritable wealth of information that should be at his fingertips.
Yubico, provider of the authentication token YubiKey, together with ForgeRock, an enterprise open source identity and access management software company, announced today that the YubiKey is now supported in ForgeRock OpenAM.
This allows an attacker website to steal an authentication token by choosing the "transport='flash'," repeating the receiver flash with its own and then initiating a cross-domain communication with the flash inside the Facebook-controlled iframe to get the token and send it to the attackers flash.
An authentication token is simply a device that authenticates the identity of a user.
To thwart this kind of negligence, some companies go an extra step and use "strong authentication." This simply means that the company requires users to present two forms of identification instead of one, typically something only the user knows (such as a PIN) and something only the user has (such as an authentication token).
The card also serves as the authentication token for the Department's computerized public key infrastructure.
The device features fully integrated support for client-based security hardware--the company's iKey USB authentication token. The appliance supports HTTP compression, and comes bundled with 70 concurrent user licenses and 70 iKeys.
The next generation NetSwift iGate is the industry's only SSL VPN appliance for secure remote access that ships with fully integrated, optional support for client-based security hardware -- Rainbow's iKey USB authentication token. Competitive SSL VPN solutions carry a premium price for customers and require significant additional installation and configuration time in order to include third party hardware authentication solutions.
This marketing agreement ensures compatibility between the latest version of Aventail ExtraNet Center with Rainbow's revolutionary iKey, a USB-based personal authentication token for enabling secure end-to-end extranet solutions for Global 2000 companies.
The full kit of the two-factor authentication token is priced at $50 (Dh184) and includes a USB key, a Bluetooth key and various connectors, the company said in a blog post.

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