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US and Canadian informal
a. short for automobile
b. (as modifier): auto parts
2. Asian English informal short for autorickshaw



a kind of religious, allegorical, one-act dramatic presentation in Spain and Portugal (from the second half of the 13th through the 18th centuries). In the beginning an auto could be performed by three to four amateurs, but during the 16th and 17th centuries it changed into an extravagant spectacle, akin to a mystery play. Texts of autos were written by G. Vicente (Portugal), J. del Encina, and Lope F. de Vega Carpio (Spain). The classical form of the auto is attributed to P. Calderón de la Barca, who wrote about 80 autos and reinforced this genre on the Spanish stage. In 18th-century Spain, during the Enlightenment, the staging of autos, which by that time had become one of the obsolete forms of medieval drama, was prohibited.


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On drawings, abbr. for automatic.


(AUTOmatic) Myriad functions and devices that perform unattended operations as required.
References in classic literature ?
Before the chauffeur could back clear, an old Irishman, driving a rickety express waggon and lashing his one horse to a gallop, had locked wheels with the auto.
It caught the captain fairly on the chest, and he went over backward, striking on a wheeler's back, tumbling on to the ground, and jamming against the rear wheel of the auto.
Freddie Drummond sat in the auto, quite composed, alongside Catherine Van Vorst; but looking out of Freddie Drummond's eyes was Bill Totts, and somewhere behind those eyes, battling for the control of their mutual body, were Freddie Drummond the sane and conservative sociologist, and Bill Totts, the class-conscious and bellicose union working man.
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One way to solve the limits problem is to add to the insurance program an umbrella liability policy, which provides coverage above an auto policy's (as well as homeowners and other personal policies') limits.
Chinas auto part industry has experienced four historical phases but ever since Chinas entry into WTO, great opportunities and high risks coexist in market competition.
Consolidators, like Sterling Collision Repair Centers and ABRA Auto Body & Glass, comprise about 3% of about 53,000 shops nationwide.
Within five years, the Auto Club quickly became more, well, pedestrian.
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