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reconstruction in print or on film, of the lives of real men and women. Together with autobiography—an individual's interpretation of his own life—it shares a venerable tradition, meeting the demands of different audiences through the ages.
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a description of one’s own life; a literary genre similar to memoirs but differing from them in a greater emphasis on the author’s person and psychology.

Examples of autobiographies are Saint Augustine’s Confessions (397–398), P. Abélard’s Historia Calamitatum (1132–36), and B. Cellini’s The Life of Benvenuto (1558–66). The first Russian autobiography was The Life of the Archpriest Avvakum (1672–75). In modern literature J.-J. Rousseau and A. I. Herzen have created literary autobiographical confessions. Some works of L. N. Tolstoy, M. Gorky, K. G. Paustovskii, M. Proust, and other writers are autobiographical in character. The autobiographies of the revolutionary figures G. Garibaldi, P. A. Kropotkin, and A. Bebel have been translated into many languages.

The word “autobiography” may also refer to a brief chronological summary of the chief events of one’s life.


an account of a person's life written or otherwise recorded by that person
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Autobiographies and memoirs tend to be worse--propaganda and apologetics.
There are early autobiographies that were characterized either by being partially disguised as travel literature like Rifa'a Al-tahtawi's The Extraction of Gold or an Overview of Paris .
She argues that historians should analyze autobiographies in their entirety and further suggests that doing so, and taking a more comprehensive and rigorous approach to their treatments of autobiography, would provide historians with more nuanced understandings of the past.
We are given a careful parsing of the autobiographies of, among others, Wilt Chamberlain, Babe Ruth, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Martina Navratilova, Bill Bradley, and Dennis Rodman, to reveal patterns to this genre, in fact to really define the genre.
The two autobiographies stand in sharp contrast to the alienation and condescension contained in the most brilliant American autobiography, The Education of Henry Adams.
The program utilizes autobiographies as a platform for individual reflection when candidates enter the program.
He realized that he had never read the autobiographies of any of his contemporaries and had only the models of Edward Gibbon and Henry Adams as ideals.
We live in a country where Geri Halliwell has produced two autobiographies before she thought to learn how to sing.
The first is the local community of neighborly assistance, celebrated in working-class autobiographies for providing a security blanket for its members.
She also covers ethnographic studies of Native American women, "as-told-to" autobiographies, and Native American women who actually wrote their stories, including Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins in the late nineteenth century and modern writers such as Leslie Marmon Silko, Anna Lee Walters, and Luci Tapahonso.
Building on her already extensive work on Holiness women, Susie Stanley offers a monograph that focuses on the autobiographies of women preachers in the Wesleyan/Holiness tradition.
When teachers write and share these autobiographies, they begin to recognize how others learn--something that really helps in teaching.