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reconstruction in print or on film, of the lives of real men and women. Together with autobiography—an individual's interpretation of his own life—it shares a venerable tradition, meeting the demands of different audiences through the ages.
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a description of one’s own life; a literary genre similar to memoirs but differing from them in a greater emphasis on the author’s person and psychology.

Examples of autobiographies are Saint Augustine’s Confessions (397–398), P. Abélard’s Historia Calamitatum (1132–36), and B. Cellini’s The Life of Benvenuto (1558–66). The first Russian autobiography was The Life of the Archpriest Avvakum (1672–75). In modern literature J.-J. Rousseau and A. I. Herzen have created literary autobiographical confessions. Some works of L. N. Tolstoy, M. Gorky, K. G. Paustovskii, M. Proust, and other writers are autobiographical in character. The autobiographies of the revolutionary figures G. Garibaldi, P. A. Kropotkin, and A. Bebel have been translated into many languages.

The word “autobiography” may also refer to a brief chronological summary of the chief events of one’s life.


an account of a person's life written or otherwise recorded by that person
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In the introduction to this collection of essays exploring the role of self and nationhood in modern Irish autobiography, editor Liam Harte judges the genre of autobiography to be Ireland's 'Cinderella literature'.
Writing an autobiography is expected to provide learners with an opportunity to take a look back on their own leadership experiences in order to assess their strengths and weaknesses as a future leader.
Shortly after Malcolm's murder in 1965, Hollywood approached Baldwin to adapt the Autobiography.
WH Smith said that Price's book was its fastest selling autobiography of the year and bookstore chain Ottakar's said that they had sold 1500 copies in the first day, a number only beaten by David Beckham's 'My Side' autobiography, reports The Bookseller.
Calling the autobiography a "howl of protest," the editors note that the dominant strains in the Apology are self-pity, rage, and vindictiveness, though with her often venomous misandry comes genuine social criticism.
In the final chapter, Grammer focuses specifically on the genre of autobiography by comparing the autobiographies of these seven women evangelists to three of their male counterparts--George Brown, Peter Cartwright, and Charles Finney.
70) even among the respectable middle class, but does not fully compare the realms of autobiography and fiction to explain why, if an author hoped above all to make money, telling a true story was more imperative than telling an entertaining story.
Barros argues that autobiography is more than the story of the "I," the "auto" of autobiography; it is the story of the changes undergone by the self.
It's years later in Canada that a young Brooklyn-born African American boy Lesra (Vicellous Reon Shannon) finds a copy of Carter's autobiography at a Toronto library book sale.
Clifford Irving's Autobiography of Howard Hughes'' is being sold through the Web site terrificbooks.
Maria Tallchief had a grand career that earned her the right to an autobiography entitled Maria Tallchief: America's Prima Ballerina (Henry Holt, $27.
In addition, they studied the grammatical complexity of each autobiography.