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Contact of the lamproitic body with the pyroclastic beds of the phreatomagmatic-effusive complex is planar to irregular, depending on the autobrecciation of the lava at the boundary.
Based on textural evidence, including autobrecciation, coupled with rheological and thermal modeling calculations for the 5 m-wide dyke, it is suggested that fluidization (vapour exsolution) of the magma was key to its rapid emplacement as a quenched glass-gas mixture (tuffisite).
5) Autobrecciation along the margins of the dyke, subrounded fragments, subhedral to rounded and fragmented plagioclase and quartz phenocrysts (phenoclasts), and the autometasomatic effects of deuteric fluids support fluidization (vapour-magma emulsion) as a key emplacement mechanism for the dyke, i.