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26) Mobutu's divide-and-rule politics and economic envy led autochthons and other delegates in the national conference (CNS) to deprive much of the Rwandophone community in the Kivus of its citizenship and land rights, in the early 90s.
In the snake, Ike confronts the epitome of broken rules, not just a semblance of "the old one" who prompted the initial transgression, but a serial category mistake (244): snake and man ("Grandfather"); man and god ("Oleh"); lapsed and prelapsarian (the "feet"); (10) male ("erect") and female ("evocative of all knowledge"); but above all an autochthon, almost indistinguishable from the earth from which it rises (vegetable and reptile).
At the level of narrative strategy, the most evident case of the erasure of the authors' self-representation is in the report of dialogues which follows a fixed pattern: they are transcribed as direct speech when it is the autochthons to speak, while they are in the form of transposed speech when it is the authors' turn.