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Return of a substance to solution, as of phosphate removed from seawater by plankton and returned when these organisms die and decay.
Self-digestion by body cells following somatic or organ death or ischemic injury.



self-digestion of animal, plant, and microorganism tissue. In autolysis the cellular proteins, carbohydrates, and fats break down under the action of hydrolytic enzymes in the cells. In living organisms, autolysis is evident in necrotic centers and in cells of malignant neoplasms. Autolysis occurs in decomposing corpses. In plants autolysis occurs after the death of living cells as a result of low temperature, desiccation, and the action of such poisonous substances as chloroform and toluene, as well as during mechanical tissue disintegration. Autolysis of microbe cells is evident in aging microbe cultures and in microorganisms damaged by physical, chemical, or biological agents. Autolysis also occurs in several industrial processes—for example, in tobacco and tea fermentation and during feed storage.


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Cell wall damage of organism due to a host inflammatory response, age of organism, use of antibiotics, and/or production of autolytic enzymes
Increased pH values towards and after sensory rejection (12 hours) in this study, were also previously reported underpinning accumulation of alkaline compounds as well as volatile bases produced by autolytic activities and metabolism of spoilage bacteria [23, 26].
Our previous results showed that Rhodomyrtus tomentosa extract and pure rhodomyrtone have no effect on the cell wall, cell membrane or activation of autolytic enzymes (Limsuwan et al.
Of these stranded whales, 18 were found in an advanced autolytic condition, but 9 were fresh or only moderately autolytic, of which complete necropsies were performed on 7, partial necropsies on 2, and samples were collected from all 9.
European Markets for Wound Debridement is part of the Medical Devices Subscription, which also includes research in the following markets: mechanical debridement, chemical debridement, autolytic debridement, biological debridement.
Exudative wounds get absorptive dressings, dry wounds get moist dressings, wounds needing debridement sometimes get enzymatic or autolytic dressings," she added.
Consequently, the ratio of SCHAD to LCHAD remains constant over many hours and in a wide range of conditions--which should permit differentiation of autolytic degradation from specific enzyme deficiency.
10) Medical Products autolytic debridement (30 Tube)
There are several benefits associated with increased moisture content, including the cleansing and autolytic debriding of necrotic tissue.
Freezing does not prevent spoilage of fish because of autolytic activities and chemical changes occurring in fish after harvest [1, 2].