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Return of a substance to solution, as of phosphate removed from seawater by plankton and returned when these organisms die and decay.
Self-digestion by body cells following somatic or organ death or ischemic injury.
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self-digestion of animal, plant, and microorganism tissue. In autolysis the cellular proteins, carbohydrates, and fats break down under the action of hydrolytic enzymes in the cells. In living organisms, autolysis is evident in necrotic centers and in cells of malignant neoplasms. Autolysis occurs in decomposing corpses. In plants autolysis occurs after the death of living cells as a result of low temperature, desiccation, and the action of such poisonous substances as chloroform and toluene, as well as during mechanical tissue disintegration. Autolysis of microbe cells is evident in aging microbe cultures and in microorganisms damaged by physical, chemical, or biological agents. Autolysis also occurs in several industrial processes—for example, in tobacco and tea fermentation and during feed storage.


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The received data showed that the structural-mechanical indicators of the muscular tissue of red deer meat depend on the structure of tissues and depth of development with regards to the autolytic processes.
Of the many aspects of the suicide, there are 10 mutual features to be highlighted, described by Shneidman, in Definition of suicide, and they can be found in each and every category of people who commit the autolytic act.
Dressings with hydrocolloids are also used, which aid in autolytic debridement and stimulate angiogenesis but may cause maceration of adjacent tissue, like calcium alginate, activated charcoal, and hydropolymer adhesive dressing, indicated for exudative wounds and contraindicated for dry wounds [4].
The stomach mucosal epithelium was multifocally lost, likely due to early autolytic changes.
Then, a helicase separates the double-stranded miRNA to produce one stable single-stranded miRNA, while the other strand is processed for autolytic degradation.
Harm to liver cells can cause escape into the serum owing to autolytic breakdown or cellular necrosis [52].
Honey also aids autolytic debridement and accelerates the growth of healthy granulated wound bed [40].
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Changes in the water-holding capacity of meat during postmortem aging, observed in our study, resulted from autolytic degradation of cytoskeletal proteins (Huff- Lonergan and Lonergan, 2005).
The medication is formulated to create a moist healing environment that promotes granulation, epitheliazation and autolytic debridement while providing prolonged anesthesia of the wound, there by reducing the need for systemic pain medications, including opiate-based drugs.
Astero[R] is specifically formulated to create a moist healing environment, which promotes granulation, epithelialization, and autolytic debridement, while providing prolonged anesthesia of the wound, lessening the need for systemic pain medications including opiate based drugs.